Slow Cooker Pulled Moose

by Denver Deschenes
(Regina, Sask)

Take a frozen moose roast, baby carrots, quartered onions (2) spices of your choice, Minced garlic if you are a fan, 2 cups of water and 1 cup or so of white wine.
Put all this in a slow cooker, set the temperature at low and let cook for eight hours.
At the end of eight hours or the end of your work day, take the moose roast and all the ingredients out of the slow cooker, save the liquid.
Pull the roast apart with a couple of forks, and put it back into the slow cooker, mix four table spoons of, one of my favorites, bull’s eye barbeque sauce, one tea spoon of mustard and mix it into the roast (the amount of sauce will depend on the size of the roast). Add some of the liquid that you were told to save, this allows you to mix the sauce mixture into the pulled roast more evenly. Add enough liquid to get an even mixture but not to the point where the meat is going to be dripping when the feast is ready to eat.
Turn the slow cooker on to low and let simmer for about two to three hours for best results. Put on a freshly toasted or just fresh bun and enjoy this heavenly flavored meal. Oh, by the way you can have the veggies with it as well, you would have to heat up in some juice if you like.
Your delight should turn out to be moist and very tasty if you have done it right. Enjoy.

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Cook from frozen
by: Deckhand

As per the recipe instructions, one frozen roast into the slow cooker on low for 8+ hours. Awesome! 😋

Haven’t tried it yet
by: Jason

Looks great, just thawed my moose though. Should I shave a couple hours off the cooking time?

Frozen Raw Meat
by: Alison

Throw the raw frozen thing into the crock pot? No thawing, browning or anything?

Vary the cut
by: Mark

It should be fine.

Sounds yummy
by: Marlene

Will this recipe work well with a moose crosscut rib roast?

Thanks for the Moose Recipe
by: Mark - Site Owner

Oh, your recipe looks good. For sure I'll be trying this one and once I do I'll be sure and come back and let everyone know just how good it was.
I love the fact you have added mustard... check out our moose meatloaf recipe it uses mustard in the sauce too!

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