Soaking Moose Meat in Buttermilk

by Karen Mann
(Houston, Texas)

Moose Tenderloin

Moose Tenderloin

With deer meat you need to put in buttermilk so not game tasting, do you need to do this with moose? First time I've cooked moose.


Karen, moose meat is seldom gamey like deer. Just treat it the same as you would beef.

Now, if by chance your moose has some gamey flavor there are a couple of things you can do without soaking moose meat in buttermilk.

One is to remove any fat from the outside edges and any larger pieces that are easily cut out of the center (assuming steak).

The other thing that can be helpful to improve the flavor, texture and appearance of moosemeat is to remove the silverskin (see photos).

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Dec 24, 2015
Moose cookery
by: Hiwallhunter

First moose I killed we did not debone it. What a huge mistake! Having learned by that error we started cooking moose roast with a pork roast crust the dripping from the pork roast over the moose. This produced a flavour much like a roast of beef- much superior!
Moose is very lean and should not be cooked as long as beef.
Steaks for instance are best at med. rare.
Merry Christmas!

Dec 02, 2015
Soaking in buttermilk
by: Karen

Thank you so much for the information. Can't wait to try one of the recipes I found on this site.

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