Solo Moose Hunt

by Joshua

Loading a Moose into a Truck

Loading a Moose into a Truck

I may be doing to impossible this year, in partaking in a solo cow hunt. The hunt is the easy part, my question is a simple and fast way to get her into the truck? I have heard of a way using a sheet of plywood, but don't really understand how it works. Any help would be great, thanks.

A solo moose hunt... You are a brave man! lol

As you already know moose are big animals and getting a deer into the back of a truck is a task for the fit, so getting a moose into your vehicle by yourself is going to be a chore!

...but not an impossible feat!

Check out my video on loading a moose into a truck...

This is one example of loading a moose. I had help but it certainly could be done solo.

We had a ditch to back into to get the truck box level with the ground, I assume a sheet of plywood might help but it would have to be at least 1" thick to have the strength to support a moose. Even then, I think the plywood would be too flexible.

2 X 10's planks side by side would be better.

Here is another moose being loaded Same location slightly different method. Loading a Moose Into a Truck
This previous method of using the anchors in the truck I must caution you. If using a come along or winch tied to your box anchor the possibility is to damage those anchor spots.
Speaking from experience the anchors or stake box corners of your truck are not all that strong. You CAN use them, just be careful you don't overload them.

We have also used pulleys to hoist moose into a tree and then lower it into the truck box.

I hope this helps. Good luck on your solo moose hunt. Be sure to come back and tell us how it went. Show us the pictures of how you load YOUR moose into the truck.
~ Mark

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