Spike - Fork Bull Moose - Young bull moose eating by the lake

by Meg Purnell
(Longmont, Colorado USA)

Young bull, moose, enjoying eating the moose Willow

Young bull, moose, enjoying eating the moose Willow

Myself and a good friend were kayaking at Crystal Lakes in northern Colorado. We found this young bull moose, enjoying the moose willows. I was curious about his antlers. They looked like a Texas longhorn. I’ve never seen a young bull with that type of antler. Is this normal? We were in the water near him and he just enjoyed eating and wasn’t bothered by the kayakers. I always appreciate seeing wildlife, especially moose. I feel it is such a privilege to see them in their world. I feel very strongly that we should respect wildlife in every way because we are intruding in their world by our choice.

Spike - Fork Bull Moose

Meg, thanks for your contribution. Indeed that is a funny set of moose antler growth.
If you saw him again in later summer you may find that his antlers have grown some points as well, it's hard to see in your picture.
The growth you are seeing is not that unusual for a young bull. The second and third year set of antlers are most often called spike - fork as the palmation doesn't start to show up until later years.

It's good you kept your distance while observing him, you must remember they are wild and are unpredictable. The general thought is that moose don't expect danger to approach from the water, thus you were able approach without disturbing him.

~ Mark - The Mooseman

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