Spike Fork Moose Season in BC - How common are they?

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(British Columbia)

Spike Fork Moose Definition - Graphic by BC Ministry of Environment

Spike Fork Moose Definition - Graphic by BC Ministry of Environment

Hi there,

Where I live in BC there are few areas with open moose seasons. Most areas are open to hunting spike fork moose but I’m told one would have better luck finding a unicorn.

In other areas I’m considering going, they are open to “Tri-Palm moose or those with 10 or more tines on one side”

Would these be just as uncommon? We are thinking of going into an area like this in mid-September, but don’t want to spend the money and vacation time if the general odds of coming across one like this are slim to none. We’ll be headed into a remote part or Northern BC via float plane, so hunting pressure should be minimal.

Great work on the book by the way! I downloaded it and it’s great!


Thanks for the remarks.

Spike/Fork moose are not super common that is a certainty. I've been hunting moose since the mid 1980's and I can count one one hand (even if I were missing a few fingers) the number of Spike/Fork moose I have seen.
Rare as a Unicorn? Well they are hard to come by, but not impossible. A few years ago I heard of a group of hunters that managed to get 3 of them on a long weekend trip.

I would say that if you are flying out to a remote camp you are going to have a much better chance at the Tri-Palm moose. If the area you are going doesn't see many hunters, then the chances of tagging a mature bull that meets the BC stipulations for Tri-Palm Moose are much improved.

~ Mark - The Mooseman

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Immature Moose
by: I read it on the internet!

According to BC govt wildlife, immature [Spike Fork] bulls constitute 7% of the bull population.

Mature Bull Moose
by: IMHO

In the Pink Mountain area of BC, 10 point bulls are very uncommon. Likely most of them shot off on purpose or by accident and likely not reported. And once the big moose are gone there is a very small gene pool to replenish.

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