spooked moose

by wes
(lloydminster sask. canada)

I called in a smaller bull but had no shot he seemed to spook away. A short time later two moose came in and could not be seen then they seemed to spook off one may have been the first bull????

how long should you wait to try the area again or should you any advice would be helpful Thanks

Great question Wes.
I had similar experiences this fall. The moose in our area seemed extra cautious this year. Was your moose spooked? Or, did it just move off?

If you were cow moose calling, did the bull come into the point where he expected to be able to see a cow?

This is the problem I was having this year. I had, on at least six occasions, bulls that were very close... likely under 50 yards. But, I couldn't see them. And they couldn't see a cow. After some some they seemed to loose interest and moved off without ever showing themselves.

After having this happen several times, I changed my strategy for moose hunting a little. Once I had a bull moose moving in my direction I not only kept up my calling sequence (about every 10 minutes) I started to move about. Making a few noises as though I were a cow browsing the willows.

This method seemed to keep their interest up and did not spook the moose. I think a cow moose decoy such as the Montana pop-up cow moose would really help. I will get one for next season.

As far as how long should you wait? Unless you have been in your hunting area and made rifle shots, or been using a chainsaw or something to push the moose away. I wouldn't wait... just keep going back. Those bulls won't be far away, they'll remember there was a cow moose there (you) and they will come back.

Hope this helps.


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