Spot and Stalk Moose Hunting

by Carl

What tactic is best option when September archery hunting moose when: either boating or on the road going to your hunting spot and you spot a bull and cow walking along a lake shore or crossing a meadow several hundred yards away. You know they spotted you and see them disappear into the bush.
Do you get aggressive and go after him and start calling trying to get him to come back or what?


The short answer... yes to both parts of your question.

Let me explain further...

I would definitely approach the spot you last saw the moose... quietly. Unless they have been spooked they may be standing just inside the bush wondering if what they saw was pursuing them.

On the other hand calling may just bring the curious back out for a second look. Your calling success will depend on season, are the cow moose in estrus? Are the bulls rutting?

Sometimes moose are on the move... maybe on their way to a bedding area or feeding area, they might not have been spooked by seeing you, the human. They might just keep on walking. You can try to pursue them. Walk quietly and stop often, predators (humans included) tend to walk deliberately. A feeding ungulate will feed, pause, walk, pause and so on.

To spot and stalk any ungulate you have to imitate them. If you walk or make noises like predators... well, you will get busted.

As for which tactic is best... the one that works. Every situation is different and you have to be prepared to use every avenue you have to get within range.

Calling, thrashing and stalking are all productive methods, many times you have to use all three. Other times the moose will just ignore your advances and keep moving to their destination.

One thing is certain once they know they are being followed they will stop, watch and listen. You need to be super diligent in your stealthiness approach or you will not get close enough, especially for hunting with a bow.

Good luck with your spot and stalk moose hunts this fall.
~ Mark - Site Owner

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by: carl

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Thanks Mark

Moose by the shore

I had to incidences that apply here.

While traveling back to our camp, I spotted a COW moose across the lake. I turned the boat around and headed to the shore about 200 yards short of where the cow moose is.

We parked the boat (it was two of us), and we went about 50 yards into the bush and started walking toward the cow that was now getting close to the edge (50 yards from the shore) . We got within 150 yards of the moose, we took our time looking for a nice rest against fallen trees and we took 2 shots (1 each).
Needless to say, that was one of my best hunts that actually planning worked.

The following year, close to where the above took place, the same incident happened. Now I have another person with me and I told him the story and the plan since it worked perfectly the last time.

What do you know... we spotted another cow and a calf. Again, filled with excitement, I stopped the boat about 200 yards short of where the moose were? We took our time to walk in the bush towards the moose and we reached an opening where we would have a good shot and the moose where gone!

The difference between the two stories was the wind direction... you notice I did not mention anything about the wind since in both cases I failed to examine where the wind direction was.

Now that I think about it, I should have backed out and approach the same spot upwind and waited out for the moose and calf to come back.

I love it when a plan comes together... have a safe hunt everyone.

Spot and Stalk Technique
by: Mark - Site Owner

Thanks for sharing your insight Altan,

When using the Spot and Stalk technique it is very important to keep in mind the wind... as you pointed out. It is amazing how a large animal like a moose can just disappear, as though into thin air.

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