Statistics per annum of people killed by moose.

by Gregory
(Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

A friend recently argued that in Canada a person is more likely to die of a moose attack then a terror attack. As far as i know not that many people have been killed in terror attacks so it seems plausible but i was wondering if you might be able to dig up some hard numbers on Deaths per annum by moose attack.


Thought provoking question Greg.

I do know of some very close calls with death by moose attack or charging, but only have heard of three confirmed deaths caused by charging or stomping.

I'll ask around and see what other information I can find for stats on how many or how often people are killed by moose.

The three I know of:

One: death was a cow stomping a guy at a university in Alaska a number of years ago.

Two: a lady who was charged and stomped by a (unsure of sex) after her dogs agitated it in the yard.

Three: a guy in the lower 48 was killed after he was charged by a bull he was photographing. The search and rescue team located his body the morning after he was reported missing. He had a puncture wound through his eye into his brain. Probably killed instantly. Horrible way to go.

I don't have any stats on terrorist attacks in Canada, maybe the chance of death by terrorist is about equal to that of death by moose attack!

Now of course there are many people killed by moose every year in vehicle accidents, especially in Newfoundland where they have a big problem with those types of collisions.

Moose are the largest animal in NA, larger than bears. Moose will charge, and stomp and cause serious injuries. Maybe to the point where they could kill you. They are unpredictable, caution is required near these beasts.

Cow moose with calves are probably the most dangerous and the most likely to charge or attack. Like a sow bear with cubs, a cow moose with calves just wants to eliminate or neautrilize the threat to protect its young.

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Thank you!
by: Bonnie Andreucci

Hi, I was searching the web looking for information about moose killing humans when I ran across this page. I am a Maine resident, and I am writing a murder mystery set in Maine. I have, however never seen a moose. I know very little about them, but want to possibly use a moose as a possible murderer of sorts. Your article was very helpful!
Thank you kindly,

Moose attack & homicide
by: dtp

Great murder mystery plot twist. Moose attack mistaken for homicide (see linked article). Unfortunately, Bonnie's given us her spoiler! National Library of Medicine Article

Bison are larger
by: Anonymous

Bison are the largest land animal in NA. That being said, moose are a respectable second. Neither should be messed with.

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