Stay the hell out or welcome?

by carl
(hayward wi)

Last U-Turn Point Warning

Last U-Turn Point Warning

I would opt to make a nice hand printed sign about 12 by 18 inches out of chartreuse green poster paper, mounted on two stakes at the last possible turn-a-round with this saying:
CARL (sign your name at bottom)

It is all I can think of that would not pee a grouse hunter off, only make him say, "that was nice of them" or "we could come visit and offer the hunters a beer"
or "darn, we should have come sooner"!

What do you suggest? I am looking for suggestions.
I did notice on some main roads, signage, "bear hunters" at beginning of logging roads.

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Nov 02, 2014
by: TrueNorth

Is this area only hunted by your group?
Are you from the area?
Possibly local hunters have been grooming the area trails and have built treestands and might take offense to your "TAKING" over and thinking your signage gives you some sort of ownership to an area he/she has hunted since childhood. Although you can find your perceived hunting area on google earth doesn't mean that someone else isn't hunting in that area.

I would personally take offense to any private signage in a public area especially to any hunting grounds in an area i have grown up hunting and fishing in since being able to walk. Northern Ontario residents will not go for or abide by your signage and might get you some visitors with some ideas of their own about what you can do with your signs. Save it for your driveway in southern Ontario.

Aug 27, 2014
Private Hunting Area?
by: Mark - The Mooseman

Carl, I added a couple of pictures to your post. It becomes pretty obvious as you mentioned - You don't want to pee anyone off!

We are after all, hunting on public land, we don't have exclusive rights so we should make every effort to be friendly.

I like the idea of putting up a sign that indicates the U-Turn options are limited beyond a point but that the adventurous are welcome to stop in.

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