Tell me how to indentify a moose as bull, cow or calf?

by James
(Newfoundland, Canada)

Cow and calf moose comparision

Cow and calf moose comparision

I am from Newfoundland Canada. I was wondering if you could tell me how to identify a moose as bull,cow.calf?? I know bull has antlers and cow is smaller. I got my first moose license this year and would like to be able to tell the difference because bull moose loose their antlers in the fall/winter. Can you help me or give me a link who can.

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by: Anonymous

A other way would be looking at his throat he will have a beard and the tracks are parallel to each other with two dotes in the back

Urine marks to identify cow moose
by: Mark - Site Owner

Editors Note: Wildlife Biologist Vince Crichton says the method of bull cow identification by looking at urine marks is not foolproof. This is because the bulls urine is more often than not deflected by the penis hood back between the legs.
He say this has been observed on many bull moose.

Dr. Crichton studies moose in the province of Ontario and is well respected in his field.

by: Anonymous

It can be difficult to determine which is a bull or a cow after the bull has dropped his antlers, you should have no problem in knowing if the moose is a calf as it will be considerably smaller in size and usually the ones I see are more brown and have a shorter nose and have yet to darken up.

As for the bull the only way would be to look between it's legs lol just kidding, if it were me and I was on the track of a moose, one thing you could do is find where it has urinated and that should tell you if it is a bull or cow, especially if there is snow on the ground, a bull will urinate between it's legs with the urine traveling ahead, and a cow between the rear legs.

A good question and a tough one to answer, I hope this helped. Also if you are good at judging track size it could give you some indication of if it was a bull or a cow. Good luck!

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