The Most Popular Moose Hunting Rifle

by Ian

THE Most Popular Moose Hunting Rifle Caliber

THE Most Popular Moose Hunting Rifle Caliber

The question around the campfire has always been what is the most popular caliber for hunting moose? I will provide my own thoughts and reasoning for the choices I have made over 41 years of hunting them and participating with others in the hunt.

When I started hunting in 1974 for moose anyway I bought a brand new 6.5 swede in a bolt action Husquarna. I killed my first bull with that rifle using a 156 gr Norma round nose. It was like launching a flying pencil because the bullet is very long for diameter. The beauty of this is light recoil and high b.c. A very efficient combination.

I had my doubts about the caliber even though the moose dropped where it stood at 240 yards. I went to a Sako Hunter in 30-06 and it was very efficient. Talking with others and researching I always was reminded that if the shooter did his job the '06 would do its job.

I killed moose that one using 180 gr normal core lot bullets sensing no deficiency.

Then later I had an affair with two 338 win mags. One was a Ruger #1 and a Tikka Whitetail model 695. This last accounted for 3 bulls all with 230 gr Winchester Failsafes and had 17 left in the box when I traded that one for a Tikka T3 in 30-06 and this one I think I am keeping till I hang up my guns for good.

It is very accurate, light and dependable and is already accounted for two Bulls.

I use premium ammo in this one using Federal and Winchester. I think a hunter owes it to himself. Most hunters I know only get out several weeks in the fall and the cost of ammo should be a minor consideration.

My other parting thoughts are practice! And practice again.

I have come to believe that moose are not bullet proof and have been brought down with a wide variety of calibers some of which most people would just shake heads at. I have used 7 mm mag, 45-70 (I like!) and a couple of older model 94's in .30 cal. They work too!

Clint Eastwood said in the movie Dirty Harry "a man's got to understand his limitations". I think choosing a rifle to hunt moose would use the same logic. The '06 will kill moose at distances beyond what most hunters should shoot at and is actually a better round now than in it's earlier days.

So thanks for this opportunity to let you know how I feel. By the way, the longest shot I have made was 600 yards (proven) and took a yearling bull at the end of a lake. The shortest was 35 yards both of which done with the Sako and the Tikka, both in 30-06 caliber.

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by: kapow

Well I see you have used a lot of different calibers and it seems like you could not make up your mind on which one to keep until the end of it all. Well I've only used two different calibers one a weatherby mark 5 in a 270 mag and the other a Remington 338 cal stainless using a 225 grain Speer pointed soft point.
In an accuracy load it's sniper accurate. The USA army uses this type of gun for their snipers and or a fifty cal. Both are sure to reach and touch something that it's been sent to at great distances with extreme energy just a thought.

Sharp broad heads
by: Anonymousyea

A gun to harvest a moose is good, but my ancestors 10,000 years and more were able to put meat on the table with out a gun. They use really hard work tactics to kill moose, using the wind as their number one tactic to kill moose with a stick with a sharp rock on the end. Scent is every thing,,,

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