The smile on his face! His First Turkey

by R Waite

I think the best hunts of all are when we take our youth out and teach them the outdoors way! My son's first turkey hunt was the best! The sun was just breaking the horizon and the gobbles began! You could tell that got his attention,it's not easy for a 12 yr. old to get up and be in the woods that early{or Me},But those gobbles where making it worth it! We sat right down by a big maple tree and i let him make his calls! Wow,That big bird and several Jakes came crashing out of the trees and right to us! They came right up the ravine within 10 yards of,Dustin, and POW! He downed his first bird before the sun was over the trees! That smile on his face!!!!!!!

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It was a eastern wild turkey,His first time out with a gun! And they do taste very good! Thanks for your interest!

First Turkey
by: Anonymous

Nice! I haven't shoot a Turkey yet. How big was it? My boy wants to shoot a turkey real bad. How long did he hunt to shoot one? What kind of Turkey did he shoot, was it a Merriam? They are beautiful bird and taste good too!

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by: Mark - Site Owner

R Waite,
I agree that there is nothing like seeing "The Smile on His Face" when our sons and daughters harvest their first game. We can only hope that this experience will last a lifetime and draw them back for more. Dustin was fortunate to have someone to take hm out and share the wilds with him.

Our youth are the future of our sport, it is imperative that we as adults share these momentous moments with them and pass the baton to be carried to the next generation.
Thank you for your submission.

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