This ain't no "bull story" or a fairy tale.

by carl
(hayward wi)

Last September my son was calling for me using cow call and bull grunts and brush breaks.

It was archery season and he called in about 45 inch bull.

For about ten minutes the bull kept advancing grunting and raking brush. He had a cow not far behind him.

He came within 47 yards, stopped and with his front hoof and full weight of his body, stomped on a three inch dead fall spruce which shattered with more noise than any human could make.

OK, his next move was nothing but silence he stood still for over a minute just looking in our direction and then slowly turned and walked back to his cow.

I would like Mark to give me an educated guess why he did this and if he ever witnessed a bull doing this, and if it ever happens again what would one do in response?


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by: robbie


Aggressive Bull Moose Techniques
by: Mark - The Mooseman

Carl, you were being challenged! He wanted to see who was making the bull grunts.

After the branch breaking he was looking for a response from the challenger bull. If you'd grunted or thrashed a bush at that moment in response he would have likely come right in.

If you were hidden from view at the time, some sort of noise to indicate you were a bull wanting to take his cow would have brought that guy right to you.

Now, in a case like that he may be aggressive too. You need to keep your wits about you when dealing with aggressive bull moose. Your bull knew there should have been a challenging bull nearby, when he didn't see or hear one to respond to his branch breaking he just went back to his cow.

FYI: Bulls have also been known to break twigs with their front hooves just to let other bulls know they are in the area. It's a way of communicating location and status.

Sound about right?
~ Mark

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