Too Much Scope Question

by Leo McCormick
(Ocala Florida)

Transporting Moose on a Game Cart

Transporting Moose on a Game Cart

I own a 12 to 20 X 50 scope. Is this too much scope for moose?

I love my 7 mm mag and I shoot 174 grain bullets. It is a break open single shot version. I have shot many animals with the gun and never took more than 1 shot, I will take it this coming October to Canada for moose. I have watched many moose hunt videos and I think most moose go down with one shot.
I am planning to mount this scope on my 7mm. Too much magnification?

Too Much Scope Magnification

Leo, I do think your scope may have a bit too much magnification for hunting moose.
Not that there is anything wrong with having a 50mm objective, in my opinion your scope has too much magnification.
If you get in close quarters with a moose, say under 20 yards (which is quite possible if you are calling), with your scope set on 12X, you are only going to see hair. It will be difficult to determine where on the moose you are aiming.

In my own preference selection for a scope on a moose rifle, I would never put higher than 14 power. I know lots of hunters that use 2X7, 3X9 or 3.5X10 and are very happy with this magnification.

Leupold ScopeOn my own rifle I use the Leupold VX3HD 3.5-10X40 CDS-ZL Duplex scope.

I used to shoot competitively out to 600 meters and for our style of competition we used a 20x or higher power scope. But we were shooting precision bullseye, there are no bullseyes on moose.
I don't see the need for very high magnification for hunting moose.

Mark - The Moooseman

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Best of luck
by: Carl

Of the 12 moose we harvested for our family over the last 12 years all but one was processed and put in our freezers with only one arrow all under 40 yards.
What ever weapon you use just make sure before you pull the trigger it is your highest percentage target area.
If it is a non target hit, and you can’t find your moose, guaranteed it will not go to waste. It happened to me once and within three days it was gone.
I’m excited for your upcoming hunt and pray you have success

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