Trophy Hunting Bull Moose or Sustinance hunting

by BC Hunter
(British Columbia)

I have mixed feelings on Trophy hunting bull moose. Over the last 45 years that I have hunted (and my dad 60yrs/ Brother 45yrs) we have harvested many moose...some, yah real trophies one might say (72.5" wide and plenty in the 60+") But, we NEVER have consider these animals as world record trophy animals...

Being residents of BC, we have seen many changes in the regulations and allocations of big game in various areas of BC.

One change I am not in support of is this Mature / immature season for moose. Years ago, the season was shorter, there were 1000's more hunters and when moose season was open, we shot our bull moose. Now, you have to count the tines, measure the tines and then decide to shoot. We are NOT after a trophy bull moose...BUT, Meat is MEAT... and I will dump a legal animal..big or small

The second point I would like to share is that in all the years of hunting, in the last 10-12 years, we have found 20-25 moose caped out with head off... Must have been hunters looking for some tongue.

Just last year we found TWO beastly moose... head off and caped out. Now these are JUST animals we found...not the animals we didn't find. Five years ago, we came across a group of hunters (5) who had 4 sets of nice moose horn with them. They had hiked out to a road and told us that they were waiting for their guide outfitter to pick them up. Where is the meat.. we asked.. It when rotten/bad they told us. NONE of these fellows were the actual outfitters... They were hungry and had no fresh we gave them ALL what we had.

If people who are trophy hunting...great...but make an effort to take the meat out and GIVE IT AWAY.

My final point; HOW IS IT THAT GUIDES AND OUTFITTERS get 100% allocation or rather preferential treatment when it comes to some big game. Now I say this because it is a given fact that a guide outfitter will apply for X-number of animals...and I think, based on their operation...that is what they get the tags... In other words, there is a different pot which they get their big game allocations from. They are NOT drawn from the same pot as the BC Resident hunter LEH (lottery)... Is this Fair..??

Al the best hunting...may they be successful and safe adventures..

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