Use a Tree Stand to Hunt Moose

by Don Halbert
(Lac du Bonnet, Manitoba, Canada)

Use a Tree Stand to Hunt Moose

Use a Tree Stand to Hunt Moose

Using a tree stand when hunting moose is a very logical tip, particularly when you are bow hunting.

Tree stands allow the moose hunter to get off the ground where the human scent can pose a problem no matter what big game animal you are hunting. Although hunters should take appropriate steps to guard against human odor, being off the ground will allow human scent to rise well above the quarry and give the hunter the chance to bring the animal in closer.

As well, a tree stand will allow a moose call to travel longer distances, where being on the ground surrounded by thick forest could impede the travel of sound. Using a tree stand for moose hunting purposes has afforded me the opportunity to call in animals from miles around.

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Wear a Safety Harness
by: Mark - Site Owner

Using a tree stand is a very good idea for hunting many types of game, but you must always wear a safety harness or as it is sometimes called - a fall arrest.
I don't know the statistics but I know there are many hunters injured or killed every year... don't be one of them.
We owe it to ourselves and our families to come back from each foray into the woods, safely.
I highly recommend the Hunters Safety System for a safety harness.
I know that using a harness is a little inconvenient, but consider being in a wheelchair for the rest of your life... which is the better choice.
Obvious I think... don't you?

Using a Tree Stand to Hunt Moose
by: Mark - Site Owner

Thanks for your moose hunting tip. My partner and I have talked about using a tree stand for moose hunting for many years. As a matter of fact we have taken one to moose camp for at least 10 years... but we have yet to use it. I think this may be the year we actually put one to use. We both know the reasons to use one, I really do not know why we haven't in the past. Too lazy maybe? Or it could be we don't go to the same place day after day, although we do regularly visit the "hot" spots.

It is logical to use a tree stand for moose hunting for the reasons you point out. I encourage all moose hunters to explore the possibilities from using a tree stand.

If any more moose hunters out there have experience using a tree stand, please feel free to share them.

Thanks - Mark

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