Using a 2hp Outboard for Moose Hunting

by Onscene

Canoe Moose Hunting

Canoe Moose Hunting

Will a 2hp outboard on a canoe spook a moose?

No. Yes. Maybe, but probably not.

It really is dependent on what is going on at the time and what it is you are doing. Your question is open ended so I will answer it in respect to hunting.

I know of several moose hunting guides that use boats while outboard engines and jet drives for hunting moose on lakes and rivers.

My friend who guides on Babine Lake uses their boats to cruise the shore line in search of moose, then once spotted drive the boat at a slow speed to approach the moose to within the shooters range.
Once they are within range the engine is shut off and disengaged and the hunter shoots his moose.

Occasionally moose do run off while they are approaching them.

A number of years ago, my son and I spotted small herd of moose on the far side of the lake. We studied them for some time before we determined there was a shootable bull in the group. At that point we got in our boat powered by our 15HP outboard and ran the boat across the lake towards the group of moose that we all feeding in the shallow marsh area of the shore. While we were driving the boat towards then, a few of the moose looked in our direction, but took no more interest than idle curiosity before resuming eating.

We drive the boat to about 80 yards away before shutting down the engine and my son shooting the moose. Another good turn of events was the moose had been standing in about 3 feet of water and after he was shot, his body was floating.
We then tied a rope to the bull and dragged him slowly back across the lake to where we had started.

So will your 2hp outboard on a canoe spook a moose? Not likely.

The main reason we can approach moose so easily from the water is they do not expect danger to come out of the or from the water.

Of course that would be different if we had crocodiles here! Right? LOL

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Small Outboard Engines for Moose Hunting
by: ~ Mark

A small outboard will definitely tow a floating moose through the water. You speed will not be great, but it will work for sure. We’ve done this many times.

2hp strong enough?
by: Anonymous

I had this exact question: does a 2 hp outboard motor have enough to pull moose in water? Was it hard to do with the 2 hp motor?I was thinking of getting a inflatable pontoon boat with a 2.5 hp motor for , moose hunting, fishing, and duck hunting.


Spook moose?
by: Anonymous

Your motor will not spook a moose. Moose and othe r game animals are used to hearing planes, vehicles etc depending on locations. Many times I have run right up to moose with my 2.6 hp.
The thing that scares moose is the sudden change n motor pitch. So if going as fast as the 2 hp will take you if slowing down do it gradually so the moose will not notice the difference.
Remember during the rut moose will come to cutting wood with an axe or chainsaw so a little motor sound no problem. Remember always take your rifle when you go to the outhouse or your favorite perch..

Watson Lake

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