Snarling Gray Wolf - Photo by Twildlife

Snarling Gray Wolf - Photo by Twildlife

One cool fall morning I headed into the bush to hunt moose..
Instead of finding a moose my day unfolded with myself... surrounded by 14 wolves.
After shooting 7 of them,,, my day ended..

The wolves had certainly been in the hunt mode.
I had watched one large black wolf shadow me from a large rock to over see the events.
The wolf pack then, broke into teams of 2 and were making large circles around me. (i know this technique as they use it on moose).

Initially, there were 2 large wolves to my front dancing around distracting myself while, the rest of the pack had taken up different strategic locations.

Each time I had shot 2 wolf groups I would change my location, and to see the reactions of the next pair coming in.

All the while they kept looking for me,, this indicated to myself, this was not over yet..
Once the 7th wolf was taken from this pack , the pack finally, withdrew.

And i made my way from the bush,, cautiously..

I am no stranger to the bush,, i have spent my life there,,,
moose hunting is some thing i enjoy as much as the bush itself..
Having spent over 25 years teaching bush skills and, i have shot over 20 moose..

It does not come with any pleasure to draft this story of the wolves..
Its really a terrible shame.

However, while in the bush, for any reason , but especially, with a fine moose hanging ..

Prudence would suggest ALWAYS USE CATION WHILE IN THE BUSH.. you never know what the days events will unfold like..

Moose hunting at its finest....
Gods speed.!


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Just a Thought
by: Anonymous

Being a bow hunter it makes me shiver thinking if I was in that circimstance??

Thank you for your submission
by: Mark - Site Owner

Bow, if I may call you that. Thank you again.

What a great story! Can you imagine the turn of events if the person involved was not as "Bush Wise" as you? Of course the what if scenarios are endless, but staying calm, alert and being prepared certainly saved your day, even though it was at the expense of the lives of the wolves.
Obviously you are someone with a lot of outdoors experience, please feel free to submit more stories and or moose hunting tips.

by: Anonymous

Hi Mark..
Thanks,for your comment.
I once sat in at a meeting with some Natural Resources people.
(from a wolf research center).
After hearing the details of this days events (and it was involved)
they too were also surprised.

thank you...bow

by: Mark

Must have been a hair raising experience to have an encounter such as this with a wolf pack. It has never been one hundred percent documented that a human has been attacked by wolves. None the less I likely would have reacted the same way.

Thanks for sharing the story.

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