What is your Favorite Brand of Hunting Bow?

by Mark : Site Owner
(Mission BC Canada)

Do you have a Favorite Hunting Bow? What brand is it? What model? Why did you pick that particular one?

Are you sorry you bought the hunting bow you did, or are you very happy with your purchase?

Were you compelled to buy because of speed, price or was it simply because it looked cool?

How were you influenced on your choice? Do you have a story that goes with your Choice?

You have owned your hunting bow for a while and now you have an opinion, please let the rest of us in on what you know!

Comments for What is your Favorite Brand of Hunting Bow?

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favorite bow
by: Lou

Hoyt RX-1

A Canadian bunch....
by: Michael

A Canadian website and no one mentions APA???

APA Mamba XL with Carbon Express PileDrivers sporting G5 Montec 125 gr fixed blade broadheads. The bow is made in Saskatchewan and fires like a dream! Smooth, forgiving, fast with the KE of a freight train on target.

recurves work for me
by: JJ

I have used 2 different recurve bows, an old bear super kodiak and a checkmate td hunter, both at 60lb. with my draw length. I found them better at close range, having 6 bulls at an average distance of 17yd. (2 to 34 yd).
Arrows are easton 2018s with a single blade magnus broadhead (635 grains).
I hunt on the ground so I can be mobile and often end up challenging the bulls to get them right in.
The bows are very light and a pleasure to carry. I use a limb-mounted quiver.
Calling is often as simple as breaking a stick, but a soft bull grunt and some raking with an old scapula is my go-to call once the bull is within a few hundred yards.

Matthews Z7Xtreme
by: Jesse

I picked up a Matthews Z7Xtreme this spring and I've been using it a lot since getting it. I'm quite eager to take an animal with it this season, only problem is that I live in the middle of the city and the archery season in Manitoba starts in August. You have to wait til rifle season to hunt the rut.

bowtech D340 and assassin
by: Anonymous

I have owned the bowtech destroyer 340 for 2 years now and love it. Amazing speeds, quiet, very accurate and smooth to draw. Set at 73.4 lbs 28 in draw with 29" carbon express pile drivers 476 grains and I get 278 fps with 85 ft/lbs. Backup bow is a bowtech assassin I bought last year and never looked back either very solid back wall, very accurate, good speeds. Setup at 72 lbs, 28" draw, with 29" easton power flights weighing 430 grains with speed of 290 fps. 83 ft/lbs. Looking to take down few moose this year with g5 striker an grim reaper.

Custom Bows
by: Sasha

I went from compound bows to traditional gear. I actaully really like my JavaMan American Longbow. But if I had to choose one traditional bow, I would choose a hybrid (pretty much a mix between a longbow and a recurve, sometimes called a reflex-deflex design). I have a Crow Creek Black Feather. Great bow, but too light for Moose.

PSE Axe 2011
by: Mark - Mooseman

I recently upgraded to the PSE Axe. I bought a 2011 model on EBay all set-up!

Well it was supposed to be!

Anyway I got it tuned up and shooting with a 30 inch draw length with Gold-Tip arrows that weight 350 grains, blazer vanes, 100 grain tips. D-loop and a whisker biscuit rest.

The bow came with a Trophy Ridge 3 pin sight, but I am going to change that one out for either the: TruGlo Single Pin Ranger or the G5 3 pin adjustable Optix XR... if I can only make up my mind!

For hunting I will use slick trick broad-heads. I have taken two moose with them now and they work awesome!

The bow shoots 392 fps which is considerably faster than my old Mathews Q2 which only shoots 338 fps.

Destroyer 340 by Bowtech
by: Anonymous

My bow set up is a 2010 Bowtech Destroyer 340 set at 73 lbs 28 inch draw length sending arrows at 314 FPS with 81 ft/lb of energy. Looking forward to taking my first moose and first elk this coming season with this set up

Diamond by Bowtech
by: Anonymous

I have a New Diamond Dead Eye set at 61 lbs with a 28 inch draw. It shoots super fast at 343 feet per second and is deadly quiet. Just took first whitetail with it last week and looking forward to go after a big bull moose.

by: Tara

Mathews DXT @ 58lb, 27"DL with G5 Montec 125 grn. Even us girls can kill moose with this set-up. Fast, light, quiet, relatively forgiving.

My Bow Hunting Setup
by: Kevin

My current bow setup is a PSE brute It is set at 60lb pull and at 29" DL the approximate speed is 287.67 fps I love this bow it is very quiet and fast very accurate. It is way quieter then my brothers Bowtech I believe he has the string stop is very helpful in making it vibrate free and quiet I hope to take a moose this year first time with a bow and I am 17 but all in all this bow is good and durable if it wasn't right handed my brother would've taken it from me after he seen me shoot it he is trading in his second bow for one with same setup on the bow

favorite bow
by: Anonymous

I shoot a PSE and like them. I did get a chance to shoot a Mathews today and they shoot good. I could of done better if it was a left handed bow and not right handed.

Favorite Brand of Hunting Bow
by: Isaac

I am from Utah so I have to say Hoyt that is what I have always shot. My back up bows would be Elite, Bow-tech.

My favorite bow
by: Gary H.

I shoot a Mission Venture made by Mathews. Was introduced to mission line of bows by local dealer while hoping that some day I could afford the bow I wanted. After shooting several different models in the line I knew that the venture was the bow for me. From the weight of the bow to the ease of the draw to the speed of the release to the balance in my hand everything was just right. I am 63 years old draw 60# at 28 1/2 inches and shoot almost every day.

2010 Martin Firecat TR-1
by: Mark

2010 Martin Firecat TR-1. Actually it's the only bow I own so I have nothing to compare to. The price was very reasonable...it shoots great..and Martin has the best customer service.

Which Brand bow I like best
by: Steve

I own 3 Mathews bows. A Feather-max, an SQ2 and a classic. I love all 3 bows as they have served me very well. Why do I love Mathews, I'm not real sure as I know there are many great bows out there to chose from these days. I guess once you find something you like, it's really tough to switch. I just wish I could afford to keep up with their new lines...LOL
I have been a successful Blacktail bow-hunter here on Vancouver Island for more than 18 years now, so I have nothing to complain about. Mathews is dependable, and they stand behind their products.

My Hunting Bow
by: Mark

This is not necessarily my favorite hunting bow, it is just what I own.
I am shooting a Mathews Q2, which I believe is an early 2000 vintage. It shoots very well, it is quiet and there is not much vibration.
The setup is 60lbs. at 28 inch draw. It chronographs at 240 fps, which by today's standards is very slow. I originally bought this bow on Ebay as a starter, I want to buy the PSE Axe once I save enough money.

by: James

Well right now I shoot a diamond edge by Bowtech, that I have had for the past 2 years. I get told its a youth bow but personally I think its boarder line because not many kids can pull back 50 lbs and not many have a 28.5 draw length. That may seem low but I messed up my shoulder from putting a full box of shells through a 270 full box of turkey shells through a 12 gauge, a full box through a 30.06, and a full box through a 7mm all in 1 day. This year I hope to have a new bow preferably another Bowtech but Bear or PSE is fine. Not a big mathews fan :p

bow of choice
by: GimpyRoger

my bow is a tenpoint TL7. this bow was chosen because I cannot handle a coumpound bow so a crossbow was my only option. this bow fit, the first time i shouldered the bow the sights were right there and it was a tack driver

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