When Calling Moose How Long to Wait

by Jeff

Patience is Key When Calling Moose

Patience is Key When Calling Moose

If no answers occurs. How long would you call in one area? A few hours? All day?

You have to have patience when calling moose. A lot of patience!

If you are hunting a good area then I'd plan on sitting all day, or three.

What do I mean... "or three"? I call moose from my chosen locations for up to three days in a row (sometimes more). From first light till around noon then I'll be back in the afternoon (mid) till shooting light runs out.

The facts are this:

  • Bulls don't always make a sound (grunt) but may come in quietly.

  • Bulls that are with cows won't come to your calling no matter how sexy you sound. But they will come there to investigate after they bred the cow they are with.

  • Bulls can hear your calls for a long distance. It may take some time for them to reach your location.

  • If the rut is not in full swing, he might not be totally interested today, tomorrow maybe.

  • If there are predators about (Especially wolves) moose are not very vocal. They may only grunt very occasionally.

  • When you are listening for a response: stand up, uncover your ears, leave your mouth open a little, don't move (rustling clothing can muffle a grunt), and STRAIN your ears! Listen, be mindful of every sound and creak you hear.
  • If it's very windy, stay home! Kidding, but don't expect much action.

You'd be surprised at what you might hear. Not all bulls come in like a freight train, but when they do... it is so exciting!

When calling moose, how long do you wait?

For days on end, morning and evening or pack a lunch and stay all day...
Until you freeze and can't feel your fingers or toes anymore...
Until you can't stay still any longer...
The bull shows up!

This year I had one bull come in so quietly that my partner turned to whisper to me that he thought he heard a branch crack behind him. As I am standing listening to him, my response was... "Bill, don't move, there is a bull moose standing behind you!"
There, mostly hidden from view, 15 yards behind him was a bull moose.

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How Long to wait when calling moose
by: Robbie

Call every day but wait at least three days. I have a friend who went to the same bay in his boat and called, for three days. The third day out comes a bull. Wayne Kubat has an excellent page on moose calling strategy.

Plus the book you can purchase here. Moose Hunting Tips. I have the book and refer to it often.

Watson Lake

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