When do Moose Calves Leave their Dams?

Moose Calf with its Mother

Moose Calf with its Mother

How do calves leave their mom, are they chased off or do they wander away?

Moose calves (yearlings) are driven away from their mothers when the cow is preparing for the next birthing.

Pregnant cow moose will return to their calving ground in preparation to giving birth with the previous years calf. Once at the calving ground the dam will drive the calf away and will continue to do so until the calf no longer returns.

The calf may continue to live in it's mothers homerange as a preferred area.

If a cow moose is not pregnant she will tolerate the company of her calf until the following breeding season, at that time the calf will keep a respectable distance from its mother.

In respect to the difference between taiga and tundra moose at the breeding area there is some variation to the tolerance level.
The taiga moose calf will stay within visible proximity whereas with tundra moose calves they will generally avoid the harems the bulls collect. Bulls will tolerate yearlings but for the most part calves avoid the harem group.

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