When is it OK to Move?

by Joeboy

Good Moose Hunting Habitat

Good Moose Hunting Habitat

Parking my truck, I paused to gather my gear. I hurried as I still had a two Kilometer walk to get to the opening where I was hoping to call a Bull Moose into bow range. As I was reaching in to the backseat I heard the unmistakable Ugh Ugh grunt of a Bull coming from across the small meadow near where I had parked.

A feeling of panic spread through me! Most of my gear was still inside the truck, mainly my crossbow. Gathering the few items I needed I tried to make as little noise as possible and closed the door. Where should I set up?

A tree with some good branches was really the only place I had to go. Making my move, I quickly cocked my bow and settled in. I didn't have time to grab my Moose Call so I opted to use my hands. I gave a cow call, and much to my surprise not one but two Bulls answered.

Then, just ahead of where I was setup a Cow and Calf Moose crossed the road.

One of the Bulls was still grunting and moving toward me, I cow called again. In the trees I could see antler movement, the Bull left the timber and moved to the edge of the meadow. Stopping broadside he turned his head to look straight at me.

From my vantage point I estimated the yardage to be 30 yards, perfect for Bow hunting. The problem was the only part I could see clearly was his head! I was pinned down, "if I move he'll see me", I thought to myself. The bull continued to stared in my direction, looking for the cow that had been calling to him. The standoff seemed to last a long time, and although I don't know how long it was, likely it was less than a minute.

I froze, I didn't want to move for I was sure I would spook him. Sizing up my position it seemed to me I would have to move at least five yards to get a clear shot at his vitals. I stood my ground, hoping the Bull Moose would make a step or two forward.

Not seeing a cow the Bull turned and returned to the forest, grunting as he went.

I never did see that Moose again but what I did do was have a look at the whole situation I had faced. I returned to where I had been standing, to my astonishment if I had taken four steps that Bull would have been in the clear and this would be a totally different story.

Could I have moved? In hindsight I think so!

Moose have extremely poor eyesight, and while he surely would have seen me move, by the time he figured out I was not a cow I might have taken that shot.

Consider this, I have shot a few Moose while road hunting and always you have to exit your vehicle and move to the clear to take your shot.
I couldn't shoot at that Moose from where I stood anyway, so maybe I should have taken the chance and moved. In this case I think it would have be OK to move.

What do you think? What would you have done?

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Challenging the Bull
by: Anonymous

I have been in similar situations and have placed my gun on my head and grunted while walking towards them. I have shot two moose this way. They think that I am another bull moose just walk slow (although it is hard to do with your heart beating out of your chest).

Thank you for your submission
by: Mark - Site Owner

That is a tough call, to move or not to move? I'm not sure what I would have done. You didn't get a shot, but if you would have moved you still might not have had a chance.
Great story by the way!

Repositioning to take a Shot
by: Anonymous

Sounds like a situation where I would have repositioned.

It is easy to say, but without being in your shoes and seeing exactly what you were seeing, no guarantee I would have. Hindsight is always 20/20 and it is just as bad for me to sit here and say you should have made the move.

You sat tight and didn't get a shot, archery is a tough game to play. Who's to say that moving would have been the right thing to do!

Better Luck Next Time :-)

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