Which Bullet Weight for 30-06 Moose Hunting

by Michael Elliott
(NB Canada)

30-06 Springfield 180 Grain Nosler Accubond

30-06 Springfield 180 Grain Nosler Accubond

Moose Hunt 2014, NB Canada
Last week Sept (5 days)

I use a Remington 700 in 30:06 cal. My friend who is my second gun insists that a 150 grain bullet is more than enough with proper placement.

I disagree and believe it would be more ethical to use a minimum of 180 grain bullet with proper placement.

I do not shoot over a hundred yards even with a scope and can hit pretty well with the 150's. I haven't tried the 180's yet.

What would you consider the better bullet, remembering that some of these animals are huge. Thank you......Mike E.

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by: Love My 30-06

For all big game, I use 30-06 in 180 grain. It'll bring down anything I come across in the wilderness. It gives me a good solid kill out to 500 yards. Every animal I've taken has been around 300 - 400 yards. Why reinvent the wheel?

One for all
by: Yucca

For me the 30-06 is THE rifle.
I hunt a moose and I am aware for bear also.
Here in Finland the moose hunting is a team job.
We share the meat for all members of the team.
So the amount of the meat to share is an important thing.
Here in EU we do not use lead in bullets.

My favorite bullet is Barnes LRX 200gr

It is a super bullet. It works from 20 to 300 yards. It is accurate, the BC is more than 0.5
It expand from 1900 fps so you can use it for long range also.

150 grain 30.06 for moose
by: Anonymous

Technology has improved everything, and the bullet is no different. Look at a Remington ballistics chart. The only thing that hits harder than a 150 grain Swift Scirroco downrange at 300 yards is the 165 grain Swift bullet. 150 grain in a 30 caliber is more than enough for moose, and doesn't hammer you to death with recoil.

Moose Rifle
by: SoapySmith

The 180 and 200gr are my preferred bullet weight in my 30-06.
The 200gr Speer Hot Cor Spitzer is excellent with Reloader 17 for 2700 FPS.
The 180 Nosler Part and 55.0 of IMR 4350 has also served me well for moose over the years.
I try to keep my shots under 400 yards with the 30-06.

The proven 300 Win Mag and 338 Win Mag are excellent Moose busters with good Accubond bullets for ranges to my imposed 500 yards on moose.

Happy hunting

Hunting with a legend
by: Bill

I hunt with a Remington 700 30-06 with 180 grain soft nose ammo. I've never experienced any problem putting down big game (Moose, Elk and Mule Deer) with only one or two shots out to 4 hundred yards. Although the recent trend is to use longer range ammo and bigger guns, but why? Is it ego? I've come to rely on my 30-06 to get the job done and bring home the meat. I appreciate the 30-06 for the legend it has become.

Remington Stainless 700 338 Win Mag
by: kapow

I've shot enough moose and never ever had a moose walk away from this gun.
I use a 225 grain pointed soft point boat tail and it will reach away out there, 600 yards. I have shot at least 4 animals that far out and they dropped on the spot, that's my main stay.
It has never let me down except getting dust and dirt inside the bolt, but that's just a cleaning job that you have to stay on top of!
Or you can get a no fire when you need it most.

Tried and True
by: Anonymous

I have a Remington 700 its over 40 years old that is my baby it is going to the grave with me. I shoot Hornadys SST 150's out of it now but it seems like it shoots everything I throw in. I trust it for anything on this continent and then some. Shot Placement is the key. If you have second doubts shoot it in the head.

30-06 for Moose
by: Red-Team 98

Here in Alaska, Fairbanks
30-06 is very popular for moose hunting.
The all time favorite Federal Premium 180gr Nosler Partition is a great start.
I suggest not go lower than 165gr in bullet weight.
The 165/168 Barnes bullets work great on moose if your rifle likes them.
If you handload the 200gr bullets are very popular from Speer, Hornady and Sierra with IMR 4350.
Moose have large bones and mass.....huge. Best stick with a heavier bullet for good penetration and energy dump.
But the 30-06 is where I would start and the 300 Win Mag/ 338 Win Mag is where I would stop.

165 grain
by: Anonymous

Me and my father both shoot 30-06 and both use 165 grain. We live on Vancouver island and we hunt deer on the island and moose in northern BC. Our deer are not super big but there are a few of good size so 165 grain is not to big for our deer and not to small for moose.

The Bullet I have chosen for my Moose Hunt 2014
by: Mike Elliott

I have chosen the Winchester XP3 30:06 Sprg 180 grain bullet for my Moose Hunt.

It has the Polymer Tip, Extruded Jacket, Lead Core, Boat Tail, and Lubalox Coating. It has two stage expansion designed for maximum trauma in muscle and bone plus massive knock down power.

It is recommended for tough game and offers deep penetration on thin skinned game such as Deer, Elk, Moose and Bear. Thank you for all your comments. They are very much appreciated.........Mike E.

3006 rem 700
by: kapow

Yes a 180 grain or the 220 grain a 3006 love's them two bullets. If you hand load like myself they are deadly accurate.

30-06 Bullet Choice for Moose
by: Mark - The Mooseman

Mike, your friend is right in saying the 150 grain bullet will do the job, but like you, I prefer the 180 grain weight for use in my 30-06 moose rifle.

It could be argued a 110 grain bullet would take a moose down with proper shot placement. I don't think either one of us would do that though, right?

I have a couple of hunting buddies who won't use anything other than 220 grain bullets in their 06's!

There are many bullet weight choices between the 110's and the 220's and all can do the job of ethically taking a moose down.

Your choice needs to be based on what you feel comfortable with.

Of course the other consideration and choice you must make is the type of bullet you plan to use. This choice too will make a difference as to how the bullet will perform.

There are spire point, spitzer point, round point, solid point and soft point bullets available in most bullet weights. So many to choose from!

In my view bullet weight and type choice boils down to:
a) Which bullet performs best in any given rifle or caliber.
b) Which has the best weight retention yet does considerable damage.

My personal bullet choice for the 30-06?
Barnes TSX in 180 grain.

Why that particular combo? 180 grain just shoots the best from my 30-06. So weight wise that's what I use.

I used Sierra Spitzer Boattail bullets in 180 grain for years and took a lot of moose with them too. However, one year I had one of those bullets disintegrate when it hit bone and the moose ran off. I found him standing in a meadow next morning when I was able to finish him off.

Only once did a bullet fragment, but I don't EVER want to see that again. I switched to Nosler Partition for several years.

Now however I promote the use of solid copper bullets. For the sake of the environment and my own and the health of others I share my meat with.

~ Mark

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