Why do Bull Moose React this Way?

by Carl

Bull Moose Down<br/>Why do moose react this way?

Bull Moose Down
Why do moose react this way?

Do any of you hunters know why some bulls come in up wind to calling? (up wind I define as the wind coming from their rear towards my calling position)

While archery hunting during the rut this September, I shot this 2 1/2 year old bull with the assistance of my son calling.

However; this bull stopped his approach at about 150 yards while coming into the wind to our cow calls, made a deliberate 90 degree left turn and circled about a half mile through thick brush to come to our call with wind to his back.

The bottom line was a fatal mistake for him.

When he poked his head out of the bush at 40 yards, he lived only 8 seconds as the arrow cut the top of his hearts aortas and the photo shows where he fell.

There was no need for the flagging tape you see on his shoulder for tracking.

Why do YOU think moose react like this?

After reading this, would you please add to this question if you have experienced this up wind approach on moose or have a good theory on why they do this. For me this is not the first time it has happened.

The real puzzler I am looking an answer for is why they do this, come from in with wind to their back?

There may be a good scientific reason for this and if there is I can add it to my moose hunting tactics.

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Along with Loyd
by: carl

As I try and piece the puzzle together why moose do things, one thought is they don't know why they do it other than natural instinct. Like it is a natural thing like their body chemistry "makes them do it" and alike for them to make a rut pit but do they really know themselves why? etc.
However Loyd's comment made me think he was in a scent pit and made him smell "pretty" and he wanted the cow to smell him and come to him????
There was a bigger bull my son had called in earlier which supports Loyd's theory about this little guy getting his butt kicked, as he did come in silent unlike the big bull three hours earlier.
If they could only talk.:)


You're right Lloyd
by: Mark

In many cases, having some insight as to how, when and why moose do the things they do helps us have greater understanding.

Moose Reaction
by: Lloyd

Its about the call type being used at the time. (Cow calling)

He is announcing his presence and his intent, as he is a smallish bull looking to breed but knows he may get his butt kicked if he surprises a bigger bull.

Not a strategy that could be utilized much, other then to understand behavior.

Hunting Moose Using Wind to Your Advantage.
by: Mark - The Mooseman

Great question Carl! I've never experienced this scenario myself, but I can hypothesize.

Maybe the bull sensed a shift in the wind or possibly from where he was approaching the wind was swirling.

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