Will Moose Charge a Vehicle?

by Jason

Could a moose potentially flip a car over onto its side? If it could be done, how would it go about doing it?

Over the years there have been many documented cases of moose charging vehicles. Cars or trucks, moose don't seem to be too particular. If the moose perceives a vehicle to be a rival or a threat they will charge.

I remember my father telling me of a fellow who drove into town in his Volkswagen Beetle with fresh puncture marks on the front end. When queried the man said he came moose to car on a narrow road and the moose charged, hit his car and promptly disappeared into the forest.

Which reminds of an interaction I had...

I was driving down a mountain road some years ago and as we rounded a corner we saw to our amazement a bull elk charging in our direction. He veered of at the last moment.

As for a moose flipping a car? Initially I would say sure, it could be done. A small car hit just the right way or after contact the moose antlers getting stuck while he lifted his head. (Would probably have to be hit from the side)

I wonder though if your question might be more geared towards...

Would a moose PURPOSELY flip a car?

In that case I would say probably not.

Most cases of moose contact with vehicles is a one time deal. The moose charges, figures out the vehicle isn't another moose and leaves.

During the rut, moose can be very aggressive. I watched a video recently of a man being charged by a bull moose. He was lucky! He managed to get some trees between him and the moose. The moose eventually tired of the cat-and-mouse game and left.

You may wonder what prompted the moose attack?

The man had managed to get very close to the bull, maybe 25 feet?

After standing for a while I think the man started to get a little concerned and started to shout at the bull.

The bull just stood there.

Then the man started to make gestures with his arm, as though to tell the bull to bugger off.


The bull moose just turned and charged.

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