Yearling Bull Moose

by Sean

Yearly Bull Moose

Yearly Bull Moose

Last weekend (January) I took the family on an outing from the lower mainland over the Coquihalla highway up to the Logan Lake area. On the way we passed this yearling bull moose standing in the snow.

At the time of the photograph he was only about 30 feet from us, so we had a good view.

I noticed that while he walked he was favoring one of his rear legs. He must have injured it somehow last fall or this winter.

All we can hope for is the injury is not so severe that he is unable to escape predators. He seemed to get around OK, but you have to wonder if he'll survive.

Moose Antler Shedding

Hey Sean,
Thanks for sharing! I notice your young bull moose still hasn't dropped his antlers, when I have been hearing reports from around BC bulls have been casting antlers. Do you know why?

Bull moose cast there antler starting in early winter and the process will continue well into late winter. The mature bulls will cast their antlers earliest, starting as early as late November.
It is quite common for the immature bulls to keep antlers longer than the mature bulls because there is not the weight to cause them to fall off.

"The Moose Man"

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by: Anonymous

How tough are moose?
They are one of the toughest critters around! A few years back I shot a big bull with my 338 mag, 4 shots into this guy to get him too drop.

As we were cleaning this guy out I noticed his lungs were half gone and healed over, healed over on the entry and exit holes.

So the next year I was talking to a guy that used to hunt that area so i told him the story and he said that, that was the moose he had shot the year before.

That was one tough moose. dan click

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