Affordable Moose Hunt

by Don
(Chippewa Falls, Wi)

I'm 64 years old and feel moose hunting has always been a young man's sport....butttttt I would love to connect on a bull moose while I'm able.

My question is: Where would I obtain info regarding an affordable moose hunt with a good chance of success?? I've recently been to Newfoundland w/o luck. Camp was close to town and I felt hunting pressure was extreme.
Any suggestions??

Hi Don,
Thanks for the inquiry. I have connections with a couple of good guide outfitters here in British Columbia.

You can contact Mike at Big Country Outfitters and also Lloyd at Pink Mountain Outfitters.

Big Country offers moose hunting in the central area of British Columbia and Pink Mountain is getting closer towards the Yukon.

Both outfitters stand behind what they offer and either will offer you an affordable moose hunt in BC. These guys are professionals, and will take good care to ensure you have a memorable and affordable hunt in British Columbia if you choose to go with one of them.

Both Big Country and Pink Mountain outfitters offer a high degree of success. You can discuss the actual success rates with them yourself.

I will forward your email address to both Mike and Lloyd and you can talk directly with them.

Now... as for your comment "feel moose hunting has always been a young man's sport"...

To some degree you are correct, younger men will have an easier time handling a large animal such as a moose. But I know older men (much older than 64) that are still out there chasing down these bull moose. I heard of a moose guide up in Alaska that is well into his seventies.

Of course being fit is very important! Hiking fitness will make any hunt more enjoyable... that way us older guys can keep up with the younger guys... while we are out chasing the big bull moose on affordable moose hunts.

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by: Ron H

Never too late go at it with a gun huh? I’m 62 and I’ve always berated myself for not doing any of this. I am more of a fishing enthusiast, but I’ve done some hunting back when I was younger. I might try what you just reminded me of. Thanks for the post.

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