Barnes 150 gr TTSX

I like your idea about the Barnes 150 gr ttsx....increased velocity for flatter shooting would be the benefit.

Written by Barry

Saw a couple video's showing 308 penetration with various bullets and the top winner was the 150 gr TTSX followed closely by the 168gr.....entrance holes and damage through wet telephone books looked about the same and the bullets all held together and most importantly, no lead residue which I am beginning to agree with you on.

Accuracy, deep penetration, and almost 100% bullet weight retention...really don't know what more a hunter could ask for.

I went on the African forum websites as I know the 303, 3006, and 308 are the most popular hunting rifles among locals and most PH's for everything except the most dangerous game.

Except for  a few old time traditionalists who continue to use the 180 partition, there is a very big majority who prefer the TSX and TTSX in lighter weights. Many talk about the superb accuracy and knockdown power of the 150 gr on all the antelope including some of the larger breed that are comparable with our moose and elk...I figure if they are good enough for them, they should work here.

FYI ...I e-mailed Barnes and asked them their recommendation for my hunting needs and they came back and said that they would probably choose the 168 for elk and big moose, but would absolutely have no trouble with the Barnes 150 gr TTSX and I should use the one that gave me the best grouping. In their tests and feedback, both would be excellent choices and would work.

Just thought I would share some of my findings since they pretty much agree with your advise and your opinions. It's nice for you to know that you are right on and that you and your website are an invaluable source of good information for those who take time to read it....still have to try your recipes!!!

There are alternatives to those who think  that only the big cannons should be used for moose hunting...those of us who have some physical limitations and those who are small in statue like women and youths need not be scared off because of recoil and weight...just learn to shoot straight in various situations.

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