Bottled Moose Meat...
Preserving your moose meat other than freezing.

Bottled Moose Meat or Newfoundland Bottled Moose is just canned moose meat. Just like you might can fish, vegetables or fruit. You might like to try your hand at pressure canning moose meat.

Bottled meat means pressure canning meat for future use. In years gone by bottling moose meat to preserve it was the only way to keep it. There are some who keep up the old traditions and other who preserve just because they like it done that way.

Canning for preserving has been around for many years and it is still a very common method used today.

My wife, is from Newfoundland and consequently we stay in touch with some of the old clan. I spoke with Uncle Elgin on the matter of bottled moose meat and as he talked to me about the flavor and texture of canned moose... I could see there was a gleam in his eye.

My how he spoke fondly of canned moose... I could tell he really missed the old days, living back on the Rock. I tried to pry a recipe out of him too, but he said he just couldn't remember how they used to do it.

We freeze almost all our moose meat and make sausage orj erky out of some, but canning... we have not tried... I just might have to give it a go!

I recently found the following canning recipe in an old family cookbook (not shown).

Bottled Moose Meat Recipe

Hot Pack Method

Canning of moose is best done with clean,fresh and well chilled moose meat. Be sure to remove all foreign materials (hair etc.) from the meat then trim away all gristle and fat.

Prepare the meat by first cutting into cubes (about one inch) or into strips. Simmer the moose meat in a small amount of water and cook until medium or a little less. Seasoning can be done now or wait until you use the meat to cook a meal then add seasoning to suit the dish you are cooking.

Pack the moose meat into your chosen jars... don't forget to leave about one inch head space for expansion. Fill the jars with the juice which you cooked the meat in, pour in just enough to cover the meat... no more. Leaving the one inch head-space.

Wipe your jar rims with a clean cloth making sure the rims a dry and clean before applying the lids and rings.

Generally for pressure canning meat your pressure cooker should be kept at 10 pounds pressure for 75 minutes to can pints and 90 minutes for quarts.

You need a pressure cooker to can meat... what type of pressure canner do we recommend? The All American Pressure cooker is what we have used for years to can salmon. It is a wonderful pressure cooker that has given us years of trouble free service. This particular one is available at Cabelas. Even though we haven't bottled moose meat yet, when we do we will be using this pressure cooker.

Caution: do not attempt to can meat using the boil method, the only safe method is through the use of a pressure cooker.

The book - A Guide to Canning, Freezing, Curing and Smoking Meat, Fish and Game will be a great help in the canners' kitchen too! There are recipes to pressure can dozens of recipes.

Give the bottled moose meat recipes a try then come back here and share with us your results. There are a lot of people that are looking for these recipes and would like some feedback as to which ones are best.

Do you enjoy eating moose meat? Do you have a favourite moose recipe? Did you try our Canned Moose meat recipe? Share Your Moose Recipe or feedback!


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