Bull Moose Claims Cow as his Own

by Ken L
(Kelowna BC)

The Big Bull Claims his Cow

The Big Bull Claims his Cow

A big bull approaches a cow in the meadow during the pre-rut.

He moves in as if in slow motion to check her out.

Two small bulls enter the scene so the big bull is kept
busy keeping them away from the cow.
The cow then leaves the meadow and the big bull isn’t far behind.

It's very common and natural for bull to "show" their antlers to younger bull moose in order to intimidate them. They will often just walk parallel to one another as though they are just going for a walk.

In actual fact the bull moose are eying each other up, getting a good look at each others antlers. They do this type of posturing and viewing to avoid physical confrontation. As you can see, mature bull moose have really big antlers, those antlers are capable of severely injuring or even killing another moose. That's why moose position themselves the way they do.

Quite often a moose of less stature will move away without ever being touched by the big bull!

"The Moose Man"

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