Moose Photo Contest 2013

The moose photo contest invites you to share your moose pictures. The contest isn't limited to live moose so your pictures can also be from your hunting trip and of course there are some great prizes to be won again this year.

This year again we will be offering some fantastic prizes. Be sure and collect your best live moose and moose hunting pictures as you can this year.

New this year! Because we had some requests we thought we would allow videos to be entered too. In order to submit a video just include a link to the location and you are set. Please though, add a picture or two either from your video (screen shot) or other to keep your submission interesting. You are still required to write at minimum 50 words to describe your entry.

Moose Photo Contest 2013

The moose photo contest will run until midnight April 30, 2014, so there is lot's of time to enter multiple times. We'll be using to pick the winners of the prizes for the contest.

Based on feedback received we have decided to amend the rules for the contest as follows:

The best photo/video will receive top prize then the others will be awarded using to pick them. The winner will be able to choose between the Badlands Backpack or the Spypoint Trail Camera.

What Types of Moose Photos?
Pictures of live moose and your moose hunting pictures. Videos are also ok.

We would love photos that include moose… with or without you.

Enter your: calf moose pictures, cow moose pictures and your Big Bull Moose pictures. Big or small, share them!

The moose pictures must be your own (or you have permission to use) and not subject to copyright. Any pictures that are submitted and found to be "hacked from someone" will be disqualified and removed from the contest immediately.
Note: You may only enter the same picture one time.

Prize List

The following prizes will be awarded by random draw.

Badlands Superday Backpack

Spypoint C4 Trail Camera

Spypoint Outdoors KIT-LFT

All About Moose full-zip Hoodie

All About Moose Logo Cap

All About Moose Sweatshirt

The Sweatshirt is sponsored by Golden Needles Embroidery & Screenprinting

Runlock Hunting Set

Hunt with a dog? Here's a leash and utility rope made for the hunter... read about it here.

If you are chosen as one of the winners, you could win one of the following items:

  • Badlands Superday Backpack, Badlands Cap and Decal
    "In my books, the Superday Pack is an awesome backpack." ~ Mark the Mooseman
    You simply can't go wrong with this great little pack (not so little actually), it's 1340 cubic inches. It will carry everything you need for a day trip or a minimal overnighter.
  • Spypoint Cameras has generously offered two prizes: A C-4 Trail Camera and a KIT-LFT
    "We use the Spypoint Cameras exclusively for our trail cameras. They take awesome photos and video with sound!" ~ Mark the Mooseman
  • All About Moose Full Zip Hoodie  and a Logo Cap, your choice of color.
  • Runlock Rope has sponsored a Hunting Set for the funny moose contest.
  • All About Moose Sweatshirt - Sponsored by Golden Needles

The rules are simple enough. Post your photo or story (must include at least 50 words) of ORIGINAL content. Don't go copying from the internet... anyone can do that. Go out, armed with your camera and take some moose pictures, then tell us something about them. It's not hard and we'll enjoy all of them.

Moose Photo Contest Winners Circle

We would like to thank all those who participated in our contest this year, 29 entries in all. Awesome!

It was a tough  to choose this years top winners as we had some great entries.

  1. First Prize goes to Ken L with his entry "Eye to Eye with two Bull Moose"
  2. Second Prize is awarded to Vickie K for staying put long enough to capture some amazing footage of moose in rut and estrus with her entry "Whoops, I'm Surrounded by Moose"

    The balance of the winners were chosen using
  3. Third is awarded to Lisa G for "Bizarre Horned Moose - My First Hunt- Outdoor Woman"
  4. Fourth goes to Curt. His entry "Momma and Babies"
  5. Fifth  is awarded to William for his moose photo "Majestic Mom"
  6. Finally "Snowy Face Bull Moose", submitted by Jerris

Honorable mention goes to Kathy B for her moose photos "4th of July Guests" Kathy shared her first ever moose encounter pictures with us.

We are in the process of contacting the top prize winners so they can chose their prizes. Once that is complete we will notify everyone else.

We had so many good entries this year -- really it was amazing. I look forward to receiving your entries to the next Moose Photo Contest 2014 which we will be announcing in the near future.

Start snapping those moose pictures!

Shared Moose Photos and Stories

Click below to see the moose photos others have submitted to this webpage...

Bizarre Horned Moose - My First Hunt- Outdoor Woman 
I have always been the scouter never the shooter. Love to hunt runs in my family. This year I got drawn for Bull Moose so it was my time to shine! …

Whoops, I'm Surrounded by Moose 
My dog and I were hiking just before the hunting season began. We were drawn to two moose doing the mating dance. As we were fixed on them, we suddenly …

Moist Beauty at Chena Hot Springs 
I drove to Alaska merely to see moose. Well ok, any wildlife, but moose are among my favorites! I happened upon Chena Hot Springs Road and it was …

An early morning cow moose Not rated yet
This pic was taken off my trail cam at about 5:30 am. Thanks Gary for sharing your trail camera cow moose picture. To give you an idea where …

It's spring. No young moose calves yet! Not rated yet
Spotted them on side of Hwy 535 near Sudbury Ontario. Yes spring is in the air, and it's soon time for the cow moose to give birth to their calves …

Moose Collision Not rated yet
Later on during the rut last year I was on my way home from work when I spotted this bull moose on a cut line. I actually have a video of me sneaking …

Just Before Hunting Season Not rated yet
Well these pictures were taking just out side of grande cache Alberta. Just before hunting season one morning on my way to work. There were 3 younger …

Majestic Mom Not rated yet
Fall morning 1 week after moose season !!!! Picture perfect 1 What a great picture of a cow moose and her calf, almost as though they stopped and …

Bull Moose Claims Cow as his Own  Not rated yet
A big bull approaches a cow in the meadow during the pre-rut. He moves in as if in slow motion to check her out. Two small bulls enter the scene …

4th of July Guests Not rated yet
We were camping on East Buffalo Pass in Jackson County National Forest in Colorado. Every morning we would be greeted by several moose in the area. It …

Eye to Eye with Two Bull Moose Not rated yet
Eye to Eye with two Bull Moose It was October 4th and was the rutting season for moose. As I approached the edge of the meadow I could hear bull grunts …

Bull Moose in my Backyard Not rated yet
These photos were taken in my backyard in Park City, UT. This bull moose was taking a rest and then continued to strip the leaves off of our trees. …

Momma Moose and her Two Calves Not rated yet
These photos were taken at the base of Ecker Hill Mountain in Park City, Ut near where two streams converge. Park City, well know for it's 4 local …

Small Bulls Play Fight Not rated yet
A small spike bull comes behind a three point bull and cow as they walk in the meadow. He then lowers his ears and moves aggressively towards the bigger …

Cow Moose Checking out the Orbs Not rated yet
-30 here in Vanderhoof. This cow moose has been hanging out on my 5 acre property and I sat on my back steps and shot photos of her eating willows. She …

Immature Bull Moose Summer Antler Growth Not rated yet
These pictures were taken by my trail camera. A small bull and two cow moose came in to the meadow where they spent a lot of time wandering and laying …

Here's a Hat Rack Not rated yet
This guy was hard to knock down. As I found out this moose had been shot the year before. The next year I was talking to the guy who had shot it. Apparently …

Moose in the Rut Not rated yet
A big bull follows a cow to a spot directly in front of my trail camera. The bull digs up the ground, urinates on that spot and then uses his antlers to …

Shed Head Not rated yet
Was out looking for shed antlers and saw a moose standing in a cut trail, nothing out of the ordinary for the area I was in, but then I noticed he only …

Moose Survivors of Hunting Season Not rated yet
I was out checking known moose areas to check and see if the bulls have stated shedding their antlers and came across these three mature bulls that made …

Moose Looking for Love Not rated yet
Watched this guy chase the cow around for over a hour. Even though it was apparent she was in heat, she was having nothing to with him and all he could …

My First Archery Moose Not rated yet
My Dad and I went for a walk north down a Power line scouting for signs of moose. We started approaching the crest of a 200 yard hill when my dad said …

What the Wolf's left me! Not rated yet
This a Pic of a 47 inch Moose Rack that I found while Moose Hunting. My Buddy & I stopped to check out this spot for signs of Moose in a clearing when …

Saskatchewan Moose Not rated yet
Two small bull moose we had many opportunities to shoot, maybe next year we'll find a bigger one. We are in Saskatchewan and we don't have a blind set …

Momma and Babies Moose Not rated yet
After returning from my annual trip to western Alberta I hunt locally around where I live north of Edmonton. One morning I ran into a lovely cow and her …

Tough Guys Not rated yet
Was out for a ride in a area where loggers had just finished cutting, it was a clear crisp morning when these two were in a cut trail sizing each other …

Close & Personal Not rated yet
I was out preseason scouting for a upcoming moose hunt when I seen this guy bedded on a ridge about 100 yards off the road. I slowly crept up the hill …

Calf Moose Hiding in a Wallow Not rated yet
I was out rabbit hunting one day and came around the corner solely focused on rabbits when I happened to come across this little calf tromping and frolicking …

Snowy Face Bull Moose Not rated yet
A couple buddies and I found a spot where 4 bulls were wintering in the Colorado high country. We went back every weekend until we couldn't make it in …

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