My First Archery Moose

by Arik
(Mayerthorpe, Alberta, Canada)

My First Archery Moose

My First Archery Moose

My Dad and I went for a walk north down a Power line scouting for signs of moose.

We started approaching the crest of a 200 yard hill when my dad said to me "Arik, be very cautious there might be a moose on the other side of the hill".

We started walking down the hill and we got about 15 yards down the hill. Then here he came, cresting a smaller hill at the bottom.

My dad instantly put his arms high up in the air with bow in hand and started grunting. He gave a grunt back and started walking toward us, so we slowly started backing up the hill.

This guy was looking for a fight.

The funny thing is he has only one antler. Then he started running toward us grunting like crazy. I had no place to hide but behind a small willow bush that was shorter than I. We were over the hill at this point and could hear him coming.

He came fast, stopping about 12 yards from my dad. Then he spooked.

He took to the bush and my dad started calling again. He came out about 18 yards to the south of us standing broad side to me.

I was intimidated by his size, but I drew back my bow and let one fly. He jumped and broke my arrow that was just behind his front leg joint.

My dad said "good shot, let’s wait".

After what seemed like a long time we followed his trail into the cut block and found him waiting for us lying down, eyes in a glaze.

This was my first archery moose and the first moose my dad had ever tried to call. If he would have had both antlers he would have been 42 inch spread. What a day.


Congratulations Arik! You can now officially call yourself a "Moose Bow Hunter", although in the past you were bow hunting moose it doesn't really count till you get one down. Hahaha! Just kidding of course!

Of course I don't know if you've taken other animals with your bow, but calling moose in close enough for a bow shot is very exciting stuff eh?

Kudos to your dad for being proactive and acting like a bull and grunting. Obviously that was the ticket for your moose.

Thanks for sharing, and good luck in the All About Moose Photo contest!

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