Whoops, I'm Surrounded by Moose

by Vickie King
(Ogden, Utah USA)

Mating Moose

Mating Moose

My dog and I were hiking just before the hunting season began. We were drawn to two moose doing the mating dance. As we were fixed on them, we suddenly found ourselves surrounded by five big bulls and two cows. All within about 50 feet of us. Not smart enough to get out of the way, I started videoing.

Wow! That is some amazing footage you took Vickie. It's wonderful that you were able to capture both the actions and sounds of moose, both cows and bulls during their mating session.

It was kind of funny, how, at one point your video camera was focused on a mature bull and it sure was sounding like he was making sounds of a cow being tended. It was pretty odd actually!
Then, as you mention "Oh my gosh, I didn't see her" as she moved away from the bull.

Ok, now it make sense. Haha!
She must have been laying in his wallow and calling all the while.

Thanks so much for sharing!
"The Moose Man"

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Dec 22, 2013
Thanks Mark
by: Anonymous

Thanks Mark for including my video. As you can tell, I had a hard time keeping the camera on the moose because I was busy looking around me to see where the other two were and if they were showing any interest in my where abouts. Crazy little girl standing among the giants. During the mating season!!!

I am glad you clarified the calls, I wasn't sure which one was making all the noise but I loved it. All in all, it was an incredible experience. So glad I have a good hiking companion that sticks by my side when we are lucky enough to view such sights.


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