Close & Personal

by Scott Cyr
(Fort Fairfield, Maine USA)

A bull  moose showing signs of being irritated!

A bull moose showing signs of being irritated!

I was out preseason scouting for a upcoming moose hunt when I seen this guy bedded on a ridge about 100 yards off the road. I slowly crept up the hill and was able to get within 30 yards of him before he started getting irritated with me.

Scott, It was a good thing you backed off when you did.

Those are great close up pictures of a bull moose, but...

In your first shot, that ol'bull does look at little annoyed at you.

The flattening of the ears is a definite sign, and that bull moose is telling you to watch out! Another sign that he is showing is the raising of the guard hairs on his shoulders.

They are bristled and giving you a warning indicator!


I saw a video early this year where a bull was actually chasing a guy around a clump of trees. OMG, it would have been bad news for that guy but eventually (after about 5 minutes) the bull tired of the cat and mouse game and moved on.

~ Mark MTMM

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