Calling Moose In Close

Day Four – Calling Moose

The morning hunt was without moose contact, even though I had had an exciting encounter the night before. Moose are not always co-operative. I decided I should let that area rest and try a new spot.

We were due for a feed of grouse, I thought I would try and get some this evening so I carried my .22 caliber rifle with me as well as my bow.

I rode my ATV to the top of a mountain near our camp to spend the balance of the afternoon. I set up and called moose until about 5:30. No moose had answered my calls and with about an hour before dark, I decided this would be a good opportunity to get some grouse on my way back to camp.

I packed up my gear, put my bow sling on and shouldered my backpack. I stepped out onto the trail and thought... "I should give just one more cow moose call before I headed out."

"Yup, that is a bull answering alright and he is already headed my way."

I return to my setup area and hurry to get all my gear out. This bull is coming in fast! Once ready, I call again... much to my surprise there are two bulls answering. Although one is obviously much closer, the other is making his way in my direction too.

Authors Note: Calling moose is not an exact science and I do not believe you can call moose incorrectly other than by giving out the sharp and distinct bark/grunt alarm that a moose will give when they detect danger. Please do try calling moose… it is a lot of fun and can be very exhilarating!

I am sorry to report: I tried to record the sounds of this bull coming but unfortunately there was a breeze and the camera did not pick up his grunting and bush thrashing. To me it sounded great… he was thrashing all kinds of bush and continuously grunting… it seemed to me he was very interested in my cow moose sounds, but he just would not come in!

He came in close, maybe fifty yards, but he would not come through a thicket that separated us. I moved some and he moved to parallel me but would not come in. I did not want to try and go through the thicket as it would give away my exact location and the bull may be able to identify me as human.

In hind sight I should have tried a bull grunt to entice him in as I had done previously during this moose hunt. If you are calling moose and trying to get them in close; for example an archer, a hunter need to use all his tricks he has up his sleeve.

With every move I made the bull would parallel me without advancing any closer. When listening to the video afterward my heartbeat is clearly audible. I know I could hear it, I wonder if the bull could hear it too!

Our little dance went on for about 15 minutes, but with the light fading he was losing interest, finally turning and grunting his way back towards where he came from. The second bull was still too far away for me to try and continue to call.

I listened as the bull made his retreat, all the while grunting as he walked. My heart still beating furiously and with my head still spinning with adrenalin I began to pack up my gear. As darkness fell, I made my way back to camp, determined to be back at first light.

Day five starts out with great expectations, only to be let down by a bad shot! Ah yes,the lows and highs of hunting!

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