Camp Chef Stove

We picked up a 3 burner Camp Chef stove to take to moose camp this year. But first we had to try it out and be sure it was as good as the reviews say. When I first got the box I thought to myself, "how can most people move this sucker around?" It was sooo heavy, I couldn't believe it.

The 3 burner stove we purchased had a dutch oven included with it and I hadn't really realized this is where the extra weight was. Once I removed the stove and the dutch oven from the box I found the culprit for all the extra weight was actually the dutch oven.
Believe me when I tell you the stove isn't all that light either, but once the dutch oven was out of the box the stove became more manageable.

The 3 burner Camp Chef stove with the dutch oven and coffee pot shown on the right.

I got the stove set up and fired it up. As a lot of reviewers have already said; WOW!It's a great looking stove.

There is a lot of heat coming off the burners, and at the minimum setting there is still a lot of heat there. If you are wanting to simmer something on one of these Camp Chef stoves I suggest you get a diffuser of some sort to minimize the heat concentration.

I have a stove top coffee pot from Coleman that is an automatic drip style put instead of plugging it in to AC you actually put it on a camp stove to make it work. It's an awesome pot and it makes great coffee, but unless your camp stove has a high heat setting it can take up to fifteen minutes or more to make a pot of coffee.

Enter the Camp Chef Camp Stove... I set up the coffee pot our first morning and sparked up the stove. Well let me tell you, with that high heat we had coffee ready in under 10 minutes. Awesome! That was the fastest coffee we'd ever made from that pot.
When clean up time came, I discovered that the water had made it's way into the coffee basket so fast, it actually had overflowed. No wonder we had so many extra grounds in our coffee that morning?

The next pot I made I didn't turn the burner quite so high. No overflow that time and coffee was still ready under the ten minute mark.

If you happen to get one of the Coleman coffee makers here's an important tip for you: When you are setting up the coffee pot YOU MUST do it in this order to be sure it doesn't overflow all over the place.
Open the lid and fill the water reservoir.
Place you coffee in the basket and close the front door (don't put the pot in yet).
Now BEFORE you put the pot in check to be sure the lever at the back has some spring tension. This little lever hangs down and when you push the pot in, the pressure from the pot opens the stopper that alows water to flow. When you feel this lever with your finger it must not be pushed back. It has to be sticking forward a small amount and be spring loaded. If it's not like this, just open the door where the coffee basket is and reset it. Check it again.

All set?

Insert your coffee pot and place it on the Camp Chef Stove.

We also tried out the Camp Chef dutch oven the other night. We filled it up with various veggies and potatoes, added some spices and olive oil, placed it on the cool end of the BBQ and with the lid closed and temperature around 450 degrees baked it for about 35 minutes. Turned out awesome.

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