Could this be Moose Poop?

by Pat S
(Diamond Lake, WA)

Close up in grass

Close up in grass

We have a cabin at Diamond Lake, WA (between Spokane & Idaho border)There are visible signs of moose in the area, such as tracks and sightings by neighbors) so we got excited when we saw these droppings one morning in front of our cabin. But, they don't look like other pictures of moose poop I've seen. They are darker and not as oval as a pecan shape. Do you have any idea what they could be? They were left in a definite walking pattern, not like the critter stopped and dumped it all at once, sort of spread out in several droppings about 4' apart. The close up pics are now dried out and quite dark. Any other news of moose sightings in WA I'd be very interested in!!
Pat S
Diamond Lake, WA

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Moose Poop - Positively Identified
by: Mark - Site Owner

Hi Pat,
Thank you for posting your question. I would say unequivocally you have had a moose visitor at your cabin.
There leaves no doubt in my mind that the droppings you found were left by a moose.

Check one of our newest pages to see a few photos of moose poop. The picture entitled late spring or early summer moose poop is similar in configuration to your pictures.

Although the pictures are not exactly like the one left at your cabin, I assure you I have seen moose poop just like that in the wild.

To be sure the moose will return and leave his/her calling card again... maybe you'll have a chance to see them live. Be sure to have your camera ready!

Please come by anytime and share more pictures of the sign moose leave behind. (pardon the pun)

As for other reported sightings in your area... no one has reported to us... yet! Please share our sight with your friends and neighbors so we can have a list of moose sightings. If we generate enough, we will dedicate an entire section on the All About Moose website for moose sightings alone!

Moose have been migrating further south every year, it is nice to see their range spreading out. I spent many years living in Nelson BC to your north. Over the years the number of reported moose sightings increased every year as I am sure they will down Spokane Washington way too.

If you like you can email me the original pictures and I can put up a clearer version on the website.

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