Moose Poop

Fresh Moose Poop from a Moose Calf

Fresh Moose Poop from a Moose Calf

(Pictures supplied by AllAboutMoose)

How do you know if it is moose scat? I recently found this light brown/pale coloured scat on my property, it also had seeds like grains almost in it. Do you think this is moose scat or some other kind of scat?

Dear Anonymous,
If you could email a picture it would be helpful to see what you refer to.

There are many configurations you will find moose droppings in. Old dried out ones are very common, and it can be difficult if not impossible to say for sure which animal left them.

Moose and Elk droppings from a mature animal will most certainly be larger than say from a deer. And of course dropping from a deer will be larger again than a rabbits.

I am going to assume you are referring to scat that looks similar in size to a chocolate covered almond. In other words close to an inch in length and 5/8 inch in diameter. If this is the case it is most certainly moose or elk. Which one for sure... well that depends. Which of those animals live in your area. You will not find many areas where moose and elk share the same habitat.

You can see from my pictures there is quite a difference between the scat piles. All of these pictures were taken in the same area of the province.

The dried out scat is typically from a wintering animal. This is because of the food they eat at that time of year: twigs, branches and other low in nutrient foods.

In contrast is the moose poop from the early summer. The digestive systems of ungulates are overloaded with the juices from the fresh growth at that time of year and consequently their scat is much looser.

Here is a another question from Pat about identifying moose poop.

I hope this answers your question. If not please use the comment form and add further detail or email me.

Thanks Mark

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Moose, Elk or deer droppings
by: Steve Kane(buckee)

Compared to elk droppings, moose droppings are larger, lighter in colour, and contain more cellulose material, according to the experts.
And of course Deer droppings are even smaller compared to elk or moose droppings.
It's really difficult to tell from pictures sometimes. Elk droppings are bigger and longer than deer droppings. Moose are even larger yet. If the droppings are dry and cracked, it is because they are old and not left there recently. If they still glitter & shine from moisture and each one spreads like grainy peanut butter or room temperature chocolate chips when you slide your boot across them, it could have been minutes, or an hour or two, depending on the weather. If they are still steaming in the cold morning air, they’re close by!
To verify sex of an elk, it helps to notice that both ends of the elk droppings had a point on it. A bull elk pellet will usually be pointed on one end and dimpled on the other. These are not hard fast rules, but more often than not true.

Moose Droppings
by: Mark - Site Owner

Thanks for your insight Buckee!

My Dad has always maintained that the freshest droppings will be quite salty! lol

But... who's going to try and find out for sure! Not me!

Now seriously, if you have the chance to see an animal leaving it's droppings, this is the perfect opportunity to see them and feel them. Don't be afraid to pick them up (wash your hands after of course) and feel the texture, if possible look around and find some older ones, pick them up too... compare these.

As you have mentioned fresh droppings will be soft and smooth, as they age they will harden and dry.

Although wet and shinny droppings are usually indicative of fresh sign, this is not always the case. Droppings that are shaded most of the day or that are in a wet climate will look fresh all summer... on the surface.

Check a little closer, worms, beetles and other creatures will often bore into the droppings from below and you cannot see this without moving them. If these bugs have been at the moose poop the chances of it being fresh are slim.

I have seen clusters of moose droppings with holes bored right through them, these of course are obviously old.

I know a discussion about poop is not something that a lot of people feel comfortable with... but I assure you that an increased knowledge base of this topic will help you be a better hunter, no matter what you hunt with... camera or weapon!

You must learn about the differences between fresh moose sign and old. The best way to learn this is in the field through observation. Seeing is believing I always say. Comparison of new to old is, in my opinion one of the best ways to learn about animal sign. When in the field be sure to always compare sign, pay attention to small details. For instance if studying some moose poop, is the grass growing up between the droppings? Are there leaves laying on top of them, or needles perhaps?

Moose, elk or deer droppings will all have the same characteristics as they age. It is to your advantage to transfer the knowledge gained from one species to another.

Moose poop
by: Anonymous

Ya ya, got the moose poop in my yard, so like is it good for the soil cause it sure looks good!

Send some South
by: Michael E

I'd love to get a bunch of these "Nuggets" to give to my Moose Lodge friends who are always complaining about putting up with all the Moose S#&T! Can somebody send a bag to me in Florida?

Moose Poop in Florida
by: Mark - The Mooseman

Michael, you should be careful what you ask for on the net! You just might get "TONS" delivered to your door! lol

I've added a note to my calendar to send you some this fall unless I get some sooner. :-)

If you get some sent to ya be sure to delete your post so you don't keep getting more! Unless of course you are wanting to share it with your friends!

Groupings of moose poop?
by: Ty- Alberta

This will be my first year hunting moose and we are only able to bow due to missing out on the draw. My hunting buddy and I have been scouting our area for a few months now and until this past weekend we happened to come across a large area that is covered in moose droppings. My question is, do they return to the same area for defecating or could it have been a group herding together? There had to be atleast 25-35 seperate large piles. They varied in freshness to obviously old right up to fairly fresh.

I love your website and am planning on purchasing the book!
Thanks for any info!

Lots of Moose Poop
by: Mark - The Mooseman

Thanks for your vote of confidence Ty!

As for groupings of moose poop, I only know of two animals that defecate in the same areas: pigs and Llamas.

Likely you have stumbled upon a core area, one which moose frequent often. Looking around the area you should have also noted: beds, signs of recent browsing, proximity to shelter and water.

That may be a good spot to check out once the season opens.

Good luck out there this year!

We are only 4 weeks away from our moose hunting trip! :-)

Moose poop
by: Michael E

Yes, I guess that was pretty stoooooopid! Thanks, folks I really don't need any moose poop. I can probably find all I need over at the neighborhood Moose Lodge.

by: Ilene Wagner

I make a lot of crafts and would love to get some moose poop to work with. If anyone could send me some I'd be thrilled. Thank you in advance!! My address is Ilene Wagner, 575 Matlick Road, Meyersdale, Pa 15552

by: Moose Poop Animal Aging

Is there any way of determining size and or age of moose by its scat?

Moose Poop Size
by: Mark - The Mooseman

There would not be any way to determine sex, animal size or age from looking at moose poop.

Male v Female Poop (seriously!)
by: Anonymous

Is it possible to tell the difference between genders when comparing moose poop?



Gender question
by: Anonymous

How best to send photos?

Use the contact us form, and I will email you back.

Moose poop
by: Mike

Does anyone know where Moose poop can be purchased in NC, I need in bulk for fertilizer?

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