Here is our gallery of Cow Moose Pictures.

These cow moose pictures appearing in this gallery are representative of moose in Canada. You will notice the different shades of color to their hair. The shiny coat is more typical in early summer and the darker dull coat is closer to what you’ll see in the fall.

This cow moose has a very shiny coat, very typical of the early summer months. The lack of the heavy and thick winter hair give the impression of glimmer.

Cow moose will usually only tolerate the company of their calves for one year, driving the calf away prior to giving birth. The calf, being unsure of its mother having never experienced this before, will not stray far. If the new calf is lost the previous years calf may rejoin its mother.
The yearling calf will likely have permanent separation from its mother during its second year.

This cow is giving the warning signs; the hair on her mane and rump is bristling, this means look out.Other signs to watch for in aggressive moose is the flattening of the ears.

Cow moose will vigorously defend their calves, therefore it is wise no to approach too close to a cow and make sure you heed her warning signs. The human form looks a little bit like a standing bear, if a moose thinks your are a bear and may be a threat... she may charge you.

The way the sun is shining through the trees on this cow, gives the impression that she has a blonde mane.

Here it is clear to see the difference between the winter hair (this picture) and the summer hair (previous picture) of a moose.

Full Alert! See how the ears are focused, listening for any sounds that are out of the ordinary. The survival instinct of moose is very strong, they are the largest of north American animals and will stand their ground against wolves, cougars and bears. Most predators will give a healthy bull moose a wide birth and will most often do the same for the cow moose. The calves however are easy prey to these predators, once calves are separated from their mothers.

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What a lovely cow moose picture; crossing a sea of blue flowers, this cow moose looks beautiful against the backdrop.

Unsure of whether she should eat this branch, the cow reaches out and sniffs first. Moose the "twig eater" will not hesitate to eat branches of a tree. Once the leaves and new grasses from summer have disappeared beneath the blanket of snow, moose will resort to eating twigs.

I observed several pine trees this year where the branches and needles have been browsed away.

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A snowy background for this moose photo, you can see her nose is dusted in snow. A result of pushing her nose through to find tender shoots to eat. Once the snow gets too deep cow moose will resort to eating twigs, or the shoots from branches.

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