Deer Hunting Tip

by Un-named

When hunting hunting big game a very important tip to remember is... avoid eye contact.

Eye contact will give you up no matter how well you are camouflaged. Deer, Elk or Moose will sense there is something wrong and dangerous game will consider you as a threat.

Even though you may wear camouflage animals are always running on survival instinct. They spend their entire lives trying to stay alive and avoid danger. With keen and finely tuned senses an animal can detect eyes that watch from behind cover.

Think about it, a deer walking through the wilderness will almost always detect a nearby predator before it strikes. Why do you think you need to be at least 15 feet up in a treestand?

Put that predator on ground level and even though it may be hidden, those eyes making contact will give away its position! You are also one of those predators!

When dealing with dangerous game, we need to avoid eye contact with predators just so we do not come across as threatening. Never look a bear in the eye, other than a glance... do not make eye contact under any circumstances.

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