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Welcome to the May 2011 Contest Giveaway Entry Page.

To enter, all you have to do is post a hunting tip and a picture or two if you have them. If you want to win free hunting stuff you have come to the right place. Enter our free contest to have a chance to win. Simply fill in the form with your hunting tips for your chance to win.

The May 2011 Contest Giveaway is a Binocular Chest Pack.

This chest pack is the brainchild of renown Alaskan Hunting Guide Jaret Owens. The Alaskan Guide Creations Bino Chest Pack is a product that has been developed over a period of thirty years. This is the "Original Chest Pack" that all the others are being modeled after. Jaret designed, used and modified the chest pack to what it is today. A quality, made in USA product that you would be proud to wear and very happy to have on your shoulders.

If you have ever suffered from a sore neck from carrying binoculars or have had trouble keeping your binocular lenses clean, then the Alaskan Guide Creations Bino Chest Pack is for you.

All our contests are absolutely free... no cost to you... No money anyway. You will however, have to write your entry.

Note: All entries will be checked for appropriate language and content before they will be posted.

This month's contest entry is Any Animal Hunting Tips.

All you need to do is supply a meaningful hunting tip. Write it as though you were telling someone who has never heard of this great game getting tip before. Write a story around it, explain how you have used this hunting tip to harvest your game.

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The Contest Rules

Prizes will be awarded randomly, anyone can win.

Tell your friends about this contest, click the like button and make a comment too! We would love to hear from you.

How To Enter

Fill in the title: Example, Whitetail Deer Hunting Tip or Bear Hunting Tip. Whatever animal you have chosen to give the tip about.Then write your tip.

We promise not to use your email address for anything other than to notify you that your entry has been accepted. We will not share email addresses with anyone or any company.

Contest Closes May 31,2011 12:00PM PST

Steve Kane is the winner of this contest

Steve entered a Game Recovery hunting tip, check it out.
Thanks to all who participated in this contest, and congratulations Steve.

Other Contest Giveaway Entries

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Best Hunting Time For Elk 
The best time to spot elk is at 1st light, when the sun first hits the horizon. It seems to get them moving faster to there bedding areas. The sun light …

Bear Hunting Tip 
When standing in your stand when a bear is approaching remember to keep your shadow in mind, as it will scare a bear that sees it move on the ground. Something …

Whitetail Hunting Tip 
Get out there right after hunting season to checkout areas where you seen good bucks and deer activity, not only during November but during the summer, …

Squirrel Hunting Tip 
Use sun flower seeds spread all over a 10 ft radius. Pic em off with a .22cal to the head for the most meat. Hi Caleb, Thanks for the squirrel hunting …

Game Recovery Hunting Tip 
After the Shot Tip(especially with a bow) Whether you're bow hunting moose, elk deer or whatever big game species. After you've made that shot, the game …

Phantom Bucks 
When pushing the bush in a deer drive never overlook the most unlikely places in the drive. They will often be used as an exit route out of the area you …

Deer Hunting Tip 
When hunting hunting big game a very important tip to remember is... avoid eye contact. Eye contact will give you up no matter how well you are camouflaged. …

Arrow Tip - How to make Lighted Nocks 
Hi There! My story really isn’t a story, but rather a tip as how to make your own lighted nocks and fairly inexpensively compared to a product that is …

African Hunt of a Lifetime for Father and Son! 
Africa, a continent that has intrigued me and drawn me to it. Like so many others, the stories and videos from this mysterious continent has held my attention …

Turkey Hunting Tip 
Try to roost the birds at dusk! Then you will know where they are come morning! If you can,chase the hens off the roost that night,without the toms knowing! …

Goose Hunting Tip 
Later in the year when hunting Canada geese less is more. I will only put 6-18 full bodies. I think that the the geese are used to seeing large spreads …

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