First Elk

by Vince Campbell
(Hinton, Alberta, Canada)

Vince Campbell's Elk

Vince Campbell's Elk

45 Minutes and a Cut Block

One early morning last September a buddy and myself headed to an area that he knew there were elk and moose.

He was hunting elk and I was hunting both elk and moose but my priority was archery moose.

We had finally arrived where we were going to hunt. We open the doors to hear a bugle up in a cut block a ways away. We got our gear together a started hiking.

We never saw any moose or elk but enjoyed the hike none-the-less.

As we arrived back at the truck we heard that same bull bugling. We got into the trees and started to bugle and cow chirp. The elk responded right away. We could hear him getting closer and closer coming down the hill in the cut block.

A truck comes down the road and stops, sitting and watching.
This horrible occurrence stopped the bull and we could here him retreating back up the hill but still going hard.

I thought my only chance was to go grab my rifle from the truck a 100 yards away and go after him. I started up the hill with my Hoochie Mamma call in hand and my rifle.

The 45 minute and a cut block journey had begun.
I had finally got to the top of the hill and he kept retreating after getting close so many times and not seeing him I stepped out to a new cut block with slash piles. I thought to myself, "if I cannot see him from the top of one I would head back to the truck".

I got on top of a slash pile and there he was, looking straight at me. I calmed my nerves and took the shot.

It's a hit.

He spins around goes trough a clump of trees and comes out like there's nothing wrong so I loaded another bullet. I take a broad side shot and another hit. He circles and staggers. He lays down.

Finally, my First Elk, a respectable 5X5.

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first elk
by: Grandma W.

Wonderful story hon . Wonderful Hunt. You are a true hunter . Hugs

Love it .
by: Anonymous

I really like your story Hon . Congratsa ! Love the pic also . Many Hugs , Grandma West

by: Anonymous

I hope to take my first moose this year!!! Got my draw.

Rifle Caliber
by: Anonymous

I used a 7mm Winchester Magnum

Heart Stopping Moment on an Elk Hunt
by: Mark - The Mooseman

Great success story Vince. I knew the exact feeling you must have had when the vehicle stopped near where you were bugling the elk. It is a heart stopping moment when... everything seems to be going just right.

I had a similar experience a couple years ago on a moose hunt, in the end, I too was successful.

In your case your perseverance paid off handsomely!


BTW: What rifle caliber did you use to harvest your Elk?

Thanks for sharing!

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