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A number of years ago my hunting partner and I decided we needed a game cart and a tree stand, so we contacted a friend of ours who is a good welder and had him build us one. We have used it on a number of occasions but have found it is very heavy and bulky to use. See some pictures below of our homemade cart in use.

Moose on our homemade cart. No problem to handle the half a moose. The cart itself is just very heavy and bulky.

A good deer cart will carry a lot of weight... maybe not a whole moose, but if they are well designed, should carry at least 300 pounds, maybe more. I don't know of any hunter who owns more than one cart... if you own a game cart it has to carry all the game you harvest... and more!

For those of us who cannot bear the thought of having to carry any large game animal on our backs, or worse yet trying to drag them, a game-cart that is designed to carry game is our savior.

At a local sportsman’s show I came across a great looking deer cart. The cart designed to carry deer sized game looked good, but lacked the strength to carry elk or moose. Too bad they didn't upgrade the product to make it a little stronger to be an all-round-game-cart: moose cart, elk cart, deer cart, bear cart etc. Manufactured by some locals (it is always good to support local business)out of their garage. Maybe one day they will change it. Until then though I'll keep looking!

While I was still looking around I came across another... rated for 500 pounds. Now we're talking!

Big Game Treestands - Carry all game cart

They have guaranteed that the cart will carry 500 pounds (227 kg) and have said the cart has been pushed beyond this limit on several occasions.

With many testimonials to back up the product, I do not think you could go wrong in getting hold of one of these.

Considered uses for a game cart: Gear transportation, first aid emergency stretcher, game hauler, firewood mover, decoy cart and small boat or kayak mover.

A cart designed to carry deer sized game can also be used to move all kinds of other big-game and water fowl: moose, elk, caribou, bear, antelope, geese and ducks. If you want to, or need to save your back, get a game hauler to move your game out of the woods.

I have not used one of these myself, but I am planning to purchase one in the spring and I will post my thoughts and usage of the cart as time permits. We will be taking one of these on moose hunts as well as deer hunts, hopefully we will get an opportunity to put it through its paces.

Check back to read our review.

 Moose on a Game Cart Here's another example of a moose on our homemade cart.

Game Carts can and will be used by those hunters and outdoorsmen who need a utility tool that is functional and practical. I believe this falls into this category.

In the end we actually settled for this cart... the one that is rated for 500 pounds. Much closer to the weight of a moose.

The cart we chose has a very nice optional feature too. If you feel the need to carry more weight, they make a tandem wheel set-up. Nice!

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