Why We Use Gold Tip Arrows

We use Gold Tip Arrows because they do the job for a reasonable price. Everything costs a lot of money these days and I for one am not rich. So... I have to be careful about how I spend my money.

These arrows are very tough and that is important when hunting big game. GT arrows made from 100 percent carbon will do the job for you. The specific arrow we use for hunting is the Gold Tip Expedition Hunter. This arrow has straightness tolerance of +/- .006" and a weight tolerance of +/- 2 grains.

For the budget conscious, this is a good arrow. I regularly shoot out to 60 yards and have no problem keeping a six inch group at that distance, with some days shooting groups half that size.

Gold Tip Arrows Grouping

This is a 3 inch group shot at 50 yards.

If you need to shoot tighter groups or longer distances I suggest you look at the GT Pro Hunter, this arrow has straightness tolerance of +/- .001" and a weight tolerance of +/- 0.5 grains.

Combine the Gold Tip Arrows with the Burt Coyote Gold Tip Lighted Arrow Nock and you have a winning combination. Last season I chose not to use the Lumenok and got a shot at a moose at dusk. I did recover the animal a few hours later, but I was worried until I did.

You see, because I did not have a Lumenok inserted I could not see my GT arrow fly or see the impact. With the lighted nocks you cans see the arrow fly. I guarantee that this year all my hunting arrows will have them.

UPDATE 2011: As I mentioned previously, I did put Lumenoks into each of my hunting arrows this season. Although the shot I took at a moose was not in the dim light, because of the brightly lit Lumenok I was able to clearly see the path of the arrow.

UPDATE 2012: The Lumenoks worked again this season. Even during a bright sunny day the arrow trajectory was easy to see.

UPDATE 2013: I bought another 3 pack... more of my arrows will have Lumenoks this year.

Recommended Gear:

  • Gold Tip Expedition Hunter
  • GT Pro Hunter
  • Burt Coyote Gold Tip Lighted Arrow Nock

Hint: If you are going to use Lumenok Lighted nocks be sure and use some sort of arrow squaring device. IE: The nock end of your arrow must be exactly square in order for the nocks to light every time.

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