Mare's Urine for Moose Hunting

by Carl

Can mare's in heat urine have any merit for scenting an area where a bull might hang out?

Is urine legal in Ontario?

How much and how should scent be applied?

Do you know any sources for this type of scent?

I have heard that using cow moose urine (preferably cow moose in estrus) will work very well in attracting moose.

One hunter I know collects the urine from every moose he harvests, (including bulls) and uses this scent as either an attractant or for cover-up. He swears it works!

Personally, I do not know how much faith I would have in using bull moose urine for anything other than cover-up scent.

It does however make sense to use cow moose urine. As for mare's urine... why not. Bull moose have often been found in corrals with horses that are in heat.

There are many hunting supply houses that sell mare's urine to hunters for the sole purpose of attracting moose.

As for legalities of using mare's urine in your area I would suggest you consult your local game regulations or the conservation authorities in your area to find out.

Editors note: It has been pointed out to me that using scents in Ontario is legal. Thanks to Larry, one of our Facebook followers for pointing this out.

Follow the instructions given with the product for application suggestions.


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by: Scott Dawson

That's pretty interesting! Thanks!

Sighting Moose
by: Carl

Comment moved to Spot and Stalk Moose Hunting

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