Moose Attack

Moose Attack was the only thing running through this guys mind at the time. A moose hunter was charged and probably narrowly escaped with his life after having a too-close-encounter with an angry bull moose.

It was a moose hunters worst dream... 1200 pounds of antler wearing bull moose chasing him down!

The story as it was related to me....

A hunter (we'll call him John) was on a guided bull moose hunt in British Columbia. He was in search of a good bull moose.

After spotting one, the guide got to work and started calling him using cow moose calls to entice the bull closer.

The bull came to a thicket but was hung up behind some willow and didn't appear to want to come any closer. After a quick consultation with the guide the client (John) was given the OK to take the shot.

The bull was facing the hunter with most of his chest hidden behind thick willow. [This is not an ideal scenario!]

I always recommend waiting for clear vital shots. It's too risky to take marginal shots at any big game. As it turns out, that was the case here too!

After the shot, the moose hobbles off, obviously wounded but not mortally.

John takes chase and manages to catch up to the injured animal.

He shoots again! The moose doesn't go too far and lays down.

As John approaches he sees the bull is still alive... his head is still being held up. John decides to take another shot. He walks up very close, maybe only 10 or 20 feet from the still quite alive bull moose! He takes aim, then...


At the sound of the firing pin hitting an empty chamber the moose jumps to his feet and charges John, very quickly closing the distance. The bull moose attacks and knocks John down and moves forward a little more, possibly getting ready for another strike. John who was uninjured runs clear of the willows and the moose begins to follow.

That's one angry moose! As the bull clears the brush, the guide who had watched the events unfold, shoots and drops the bull. Finally down for good he checks on the condition of his client.

John, very excited about what just happened says, "I've learned some valuable lessons here and I won't do that again." "I was charged by a moose!"

Lessons to learn here to avoid a moose attack!

My question is what part won't he do again? Take the marginal shot or make sure is gun isn't empty? Apparently he doesn't really elaborate!

He was a very Lucky man! He was very close to being an ornament on the moose antlers and likely killed!

  • Don't take risky or marginal shots.
  • If you are approaching an injured animal, keep a safe distance.
  • Make sure your weapon is capable of firing.

In this case, it was obvious the animal was not dead. Maybe just waiting quietly and observing would have been the safer thing to do.

I wasn't there so I don't know all the details, but from what I know there are some things that should have been done differently.

First and foremost, maybe the guide should not have given his client the OK to shoot in the first place. Always be sure of your target!

What do you think?

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