Grunting though my moose call, the Bull Moose wheeled and moved toward me...

Seriously, this stuff works!

I have used a moose call successfully many times over the years and it is a tool that should be used by you. Like numerous tools though, they are not entirely foolproof or guaranteed to work. It is just one of those must haves in order to increase your chances at getting close to moose. I never hunt moose during the rut without one.

Take Advantage of the Call

I see any number of moose hunters out during moose season and few of them take advantage of this simple but effective device. Get yourself a call and use it.

One thing I should point out is the birch bark horn in itself is not a call, you still must use your voice to make the sounds... this is how I personally prefer to call moose. A moose call, moose horn or any device used to call moose... call it what you will... if you don't use one, you just won't be as successful as those hunter who do!

Mid morning I am out trying all the regular areas I know that may hold moose. You have to continue and return to each of the places you know of on a regular basis. Moose move around, you must too. At this very location the season after this picture was taken, I called in two bull moose.

...Using sounds mimicking a cow moose with my own unamplified voice I was witnessing something up to that point which I thought was only possible for highly skilled hunters and professionals. I was learning something that would change the way I hunt moose.

The bull was trotting across the meadow toward me. I knew then that I was onto something... Nothing short of amazing!

Learn the Art

Spend some time to learn the art of using a moose call, there are many to choose from. Most of the call manufacturers make at least one version.

10 Best Tips and Techniques for Using a Moose Call

  1. Hunt during the rut (estrous cycle) whenever possible .
  2. Approach your hunting area quietly.
  3. Wait... 5 to 10 minutes before your first call (let the area settle down).
  4. Make your first call softly, there may be a moose nearby.
  5. Call 2 to 3 times every 15 to 20 minute period (use your watch). Calling to often can be the kiss of death!
  6. Wait... at least one hour before you leave. It can take a moose a while to get to you.
  7. Wait... if you do not get a response. A moose will sometimes come quietly.
  8. Call and hunt in areas with little human activity.
  9. Do your calling from first light until mid morning and again mid afternoon until dark.
  10. Do not assume because you do not get an answer there are no moose. If there is good moose sign, try again another day.

Personally I like to use a fiberglass call, and use my own voice to mimic the sounds of moose. Some of your may prefer a reed or diaphragm type, and others may like the electronic ones. Be sure to check your regulations to determine what types of calls are permitted.

Find some good moose sound recordings and listen to them carefully. Learn to duplicate them with your voice or the call of your choice. Use these sounds to call a moose within range and practice before hunting season starts. If you do not understand how to use the call before you are out hunting you run the risk of scaring the moose away.

Call Them In Close

Using a moose call is an exciting way to pursue moose. It is a lot of fun and very exhilarating when you have a moose answer your calls.

You really cannot make a bad moose call as long as you are attempting to mimic the sounds of a moose. Just like you and I have different sounding voices, so do moose.

A Bull Moose Can Sound Like a Cow

An interesting phenomena that has been observed is that on occasion a bull moose will call and sound just like a cow moose. What are the meaning of these calls? That is uncertain. If you have any insight as to the meaning of these moose sounds, to moose in general or how we, as hunters can benefit from them. Please contact us or ask a question on the ask an expert page.

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