Moose Drool
What does this mean to you?

I'm sure moose drool for visitors to All About Moose conjurers up images of moose chewing mouth full of swamp grass, not Beer!

But alas, Big Sky Brewing Company has come up with a beer named Moose Drool!

In my minds eye, I can picture a moose just after he has raised his head from the depths of the lake with a mouthful of succulents that he has pulled from the lake bottom. He stands firm, just as a horse raises his head with a mouthful of hay.

He [the moose] stands with water running off his head and dripping off his massive antlers. He begins to chew and swallow. The grasses from the lake bottom offer many nutrients that are so important to his health. There are even a few freshwater shrimp attached, yum... seafood!

Early season lake bottom feeding of moose is very important. These plants that are consumed at this time of year are also, like the moose in their early stages of growth for the year. All the plants energy has been poured out to create new growth, now being paid forward the moose makes this a part of his diet.

Mark the Mooseman
Tries MooseDrool

Moose Drool Beer

Moose Drool & Beer

Just what has the feeding habits of moose got to do with beer? I don't know! lol

Just this weekend I had a chance to try this beer. On an amber scale of 1 (light) to 10 (dark), I would say this beer rates an 8.

It's a brown ale... I love ale. I would like it even more if I could get it as draft beer I love draft beer even more.

This beer, is pretty good. I didn't buy it, someone brought it for me to try. Will I buy it; yes. I recommend it to you to try. If you like pale ales, I be you will like this beer, even if only occasionally!

Do Moose Drool?

Now this is an interesting question. If you have ever spent much time around horses you'll know that they foam at the mouth or drool when they eat certain types of food. Do moose?

Yup! They sure do. They drool and they foam at the mouth. Sometimes the drool is foamy looking, othertimes it is just wet slimy stuff. Yuk!

Moose are selective in their search for food. Always looking for the highest source of nutrients with the least amount of energy exerted to get it.

As  part of moose ability to digest food their rumen times are quite different to those of cattle or elk. Moose are browsers and are able to fairly quickly digest woody materials but do not digest grasses efficiently. Moose digest aspen forage about 5% faster than elk and 10% faster than cattle. [Study results Renecker et al. (1982)]

Ruminating animals regurgitate food and chew it again. Doing so will require certain saliva glands to release fluids, saliva.

Do moose drool? I'd say so.

Beer or Drool?

I know marketers are always looking for an angle to sell stuff. Beer or cars, a name can make a big difference.

Island Ale, Fat Tire... Craft Beer! All are micro brewers names hoping to cash in on niche markets.

Moose named beers are not any different.

Moosehead Beer, Moose Drool Beer, Moose Knuckles Beer and Moose Brand are but a few of the beers made in the honor of our moose.

This is one those those names that kind of catches you off guard. At first you think... my goodness what a name! Then after a bit, you kind of warm up to the idea. Obviously it's not really drool, so you wonder what it tastes like? You try it and if you are like me...

I like this beer and the name... well, it seemed suited to this website and this article.

I hope YOU enjoy(ed) it!

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