Moose Feed and Attractant

by Jim Clement

I have a land in northern Ontario, near Nakina, and I was wondering what kind of food could I put out in order to attract moose? If it helps, the land consists of a lot of 4-5 year old new growth, a couple lakes and thick bush.

On my land in south Ontario I use apples and corn to bring in deer and it works like magic. What food could present similar results for moose in northern Ontario?


Thanks for the question Jim.

I don't know of any specific moose feed and attractant types such as apples, corn etc. that would work well for moose. You may want to try some of the grains such as wheat or rye, I've heard some farmers have had problems with moose eat from the fields. Partially because moose are not typically found in larger numbers such as deer or elk, I think it will be a bit of hit and miss to use food attractants. Although if there are moose in the immediate area food may help to bring them around.

Another thing to do is to place mineral licks in the areas you want to attract moose. Leave these out year round.

There is a similar question with some suggestions on the moose attractant suggestion page.

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Some Suggestions from AAM Facebook Fans
by: Mark - Site Owner

The following suggestions have been left by Facebook users.

Mike from Alaska says: The wild flowers and cranberries seem to be working well up here in Alaska.

Francois said: Powered sulfur with salt in a water/mud puddle will keep them around all summer. You need to refreshen every now and then. Don't be afraid to over do it. They absolutely love it... Would like to hear of your discoveries.

Candace told us: Check out the smoke scents from Deerquest.

by: lucky luc

look around if you have wild willow, and reproduce it if you can. There is a farmer in Québec who produce plants of hybride willow as atractant for moose... As forestry technician i have observed that...Here on Gaspé péninsula where i live, on my land i have planted 3 different kind of willow, they like all... leeves first and branchs later....good luck

Moose feed product
by: Anonymous

There is a company in Quebec that sell a salt mixed with mineral and other products found in Moose natural habitats that seem to attract the moose and they love it. Check it out on Buck Horn

Try pumpkins
by: Anonymous

I’ve seen moose come up on a porch for pumpkins, they seem to really love them

Moose attracting cover crops
by: Anonymous

I plant oats as a cover crop on my farm near Fairbanks Alaska and we eat a lot of moose.

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