Moose Hunting Tips

One of several very important moose hunting tips is to keep downwind of your quarry. If you see a moose along the edge of meadow and you feel you need to get closer, you must approach from the downwind side.

What exactly is meant by keeping downwind?

The term downwind basically means: the wind is blowing toward you, or in your face. What if you cannot feel the wind? Does that mean there is no wind?...

My partner and I getting ready to move a moose out of the meadow to the truck. Now the work begins!!

...Of course not! Even on those days when there is no discernible wind, the air still moves. It is actually on these types of days it is the most difficult to approach a moose. This is because the air movement can switch around on you and you won’t know it. Moose have very sensitive noses, and are usually quite wary of man; if a moose smells you he will leave the area immediately.

It is very advisable to use some sort of wind detector when spot and stalking game, this way you can keep track of what the air movement is doing. Nothing is more discouraging than getting almost to the spot where you want to be and suddenly having that moose trot of into the forest never to be seen again. That may leave you wishing you had listened to the moose hunting tip eh?

The main ingredient here is to keep the air flow in your face. Check it regularly, and be silent in your approach.

These Moose Hunting Tips should always be considered when attempting to approach a moose.

Another important moose hunting tip is to learn to walk quietly, by deliberately placing each foot on the ground so as to make no sound. Watch for branches and gravel that may shift or snap under foot. Unless you are approaching a moose and making moose noises, (an animal as big as a moose can make a lot of noise when traveling) you must remain in stealth mode.

Try to imitate an animal as you walk; what I mean is an animal usually does not walk continuously like a human. They are browsers and eat as they move. So you, as you move through the forest should walk and pause something like a moose would. I suggest that you take a few steps and pause for a moment then take a few more steps, then as you go continue this pattern, but do vary it somewhat.

As I stated previously moose have very sensitive noses and hear every noise in the woods. Not using this moose hunting tip? If a moose hears something that is out of the ordinary, they leave. Plain and simple.....Gone, bye-bye!!

Once in a while when you are wandering about in moose country you come across sights like this. An abandoned guide camp, likely from the days when horseback was the only access to the area. A reminder of “The good ol’ days”.

One thing that is in your favour while hunting moose is, they have poor eyesight. I’ve heard some very experienced guides suggest that if moose were human they would be declared legally blind.

Awesome Moose Hunting Tip

Use this to your advantage. If while approaching a moose from downwind they detect your presence you can change the odds in your favor if you hold something above your head as though it was antlers and make bull moose sounds. You might even get the moose to start coming towards you!

Know when the Rut is happening – another good moose hunting tip. Moose hunting season varies in North America, in the far north the hunting season starts as early as August 15th and in other areas will end in late November or early December. By far the best time to be out hunting moose is during the rut. You must do your homework to determine when the rut is “on” in the area that you want to hunt.

During this period, moose of both sexes are very vocal and can be called to within shooting range. In Canada the rut runs from the end of September to the middle of October, with a shoulder time of about two weeks on either side.

Be Silent....... and not be seen, these two things are what you really want. You can help yourself in this by wearing fleece camouflage clothing.

I know, I know!!... I said moose cannot see, but you need to use every available tool you have in your toolbox to increase your chances of success.

Fleece has several good qualities to it that should not be overlooked.

  • Fleece Clothing dries very quickly
  • The material is very light
  • Passes the fingernail test:when you scratch it with your fingernail it makes no sound, (this simulates branches).
  • Fleece carries very little odour. (Smells do not adhere well).
  • Also available in Orange for safety

Camouflage fleece pants and fleece jackets should be worn. I recommend them. Another excellent line of clothing that I started to wear this season is the Sitka Gear.

In addition to using the wind, there are many products on the market to help reduce or eliminate human odors. I have read that some of these products are so effective that you can approach an animal from the upwind side without detection. I personally have never used any of these washing or masking products so I am unable to attest to their value. I guess if they work for you then the investment would be worth it.

You can read more moose hunting tips by clicking here.

In summary if you use the wind to your advantage (so the moose cannot smell you), are silent in your approach and cannot be seen, you will have a higher degree of success than the hunter that does not apply these moose hunting tips.

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